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I actually remembered to post this time! Today is a tough day for many (including myself), with Donald Trump being inaugurated as our 45th president, but take heart. We will get through it. The fight is not over! Meanwhile, enjoy reading/watching this and maybe you’ll learn something new about me.

Hello! I recently hit 1,000 subscribers, thank you so much for that. Today, I will tell you 10 things that you may not know about me, or may already know, but it’s an important part of who I am. Before I tell you the list of 10 things, I will do the “standard Deaf introduction,” which is not included in the 10 things. I was born in Alaska, grew up in Washington state, and I was born deaf — at least we think I was born deaf. My family is hearing, I’m the only Deaf person, but both of my parents sign. I went to a “day” deaf school when I was young, then transferred in fourth grade to full mainstream all the way through to graduating high school. I attended university at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology), then studied abroad for one year at Frontrunners in Denmark. That was a very abbreviated Deaf introduction. Now, to the list.

b 3 tvBUT… Conversely, I also enjoy laying back and doing NOTHING except watching too much YouTube, TV, movies for my own good. Also, reading…a lot.

Sports. I’m pretty ambivalent about them. I prefer to watch in person, if it’s on TV, I don’t really enjoy watching b 4 sportsit that much. But even in person, there aren’t that many sports I really do enjoy watching. Some like basketball, soccer, hockey… Those, I do enjoy watching in person. Why? They have a lot of action. There are some that I don’t really enjoy watching in person like… :coughAmericanfootballcough: There’s not a lot of constant action. If it’s a sport that I don’t know, or I’m actually there with a friend that can explain what’s going on. I actually enjoy it more. Like when I went to Australia, with cricket. I enjoyed watching it because I had a friend there. They could explain the rules, and I could watch the game and try to figure out how the game works. But if I know how the game works, and it doesn’t have that much action, I’m not particularly interested.

b 5 booksBooks! YES! I LOVE books! Obviously. [INFO: In the linked video, I show my family’s extensive library starting at 3:33] On the day this was posted, a couple of packages arrived from Barnes & Noble. The books I got were: The ABCs of LGBT+; Lost in Translation: An Illustrated Compendium of Untranslatable Words from Around the World; Hidden Figures; and Wicked/Son of a Witch. I can read a book and remember what it’s about YEARS later, by just reading the first few sentences or the first chapter, then remembering the rest of the book. I don’t have to really read the entire thing again. I can also read SEVERAL books at the same time, and not really get confused. Once, I read five books at the same time. I was honestly a little surprised I didn’t get confused about which story was which. So… Yes, I love books.b 6 legos

LEGO! YES! I grew up on Lego. And I am a little obsessed with the architecture sets. They’re just cool. I have the one that’s the Space Needle. That was a Christmas gift, and I definitely want more. But I’m poor, so… I also spend all of my money on books instead, so yeah.

b 7 architectureArchitecture! It’s not…a huge passion of mine, but I do enjoy architecture. I even took an Architectural Drawing & Design class in high school. It was pretty cool that they provided that. Taking that, I really enjoyed learning how things work for designing buildings. I have one book all about skyscrapers that’s tall and narrow to allow for good pictures of the skyscrapers. One of my favorite people in architecture is Frank Lloyd Wright, I have a book all about him and his work. Yes, I have books for basically everything I enjoy. I mean, of course I have books on everything I’m interested about. If you watched the video, you saw how extensive my family’s library is!b 8 queer

I’m part of the queer community. And of course, I have several books on this topic. You can expect several videos/posts from me about this!
b 9 teachingI’ve really wanted to be a teacher since I was three years old. It’s still true today, however… I don’t enjoy teaching in a classroom. Classrooms aren’t…for me. When I do teach, if I teach, I prefer to do a hands-on kind of class, discussions and interactions. Sitting in a lecture classroom, I can’t. Nope. That’s not my style of teaching.

b 10 artLastly, but not least important, art! I really enjoy art. I have tried many different kinds of art. I’m going to give you a list of what I’ve tried. Photography, film, graphic design, glassblowing/fusing, ceramics/polymer clay, wood, painting (watercolors/oil/acrylic), drawing (charcoal, pencil, white, etc), pastels (oil/chalk), fabric, calligraphy, beading, crocheting/knitting, paper, etcetcetc! You name it, I’ve probably already tried it at least once. If you didn’t see something in the list, let me know, it may be a new art form I didn’t know about.

And that concludes 10 things about me! I hope you learned something new about me. Go ahead and contact me, or go to the video and leave in the comments, questions you want to know about me that I haven’t answered yet. They can be random and not even related to me. It can be about things in the world, things you’re curious about and want to know about. Again, I really appreciate all of you subscribing to me and continuing to watch my videos (and/or reading my posts). If you want to support me monetary-wise, I have a Patreon and ko-fi. Also, I have social media if you want to follow me on all of that: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. My next post probably will be another ASL Ponderings. So, keep an eye out for that if you’re interested in that! Thanks for reading, and see you next time.

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