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You probably expected me to do Cinco de Mayo, right? Wrong. It’s an excuse for Americans to get drunk, just like St. Patrick’s Day, and it’s kind of not a big thing in Mexico so let’s not discuss it yeah? (Psst, I’m linking a video about Cinco de Mayo from Decoded here, watch it!)

Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome to VEDIM day five! Space Day or International Space Day is celebrated on first Friday of May. SPAAAAAAACE! Space Day was created by Lockheed Martin Corporation in 1997.  The goal was to motivate the youth of America to study math and science. This day was originally established as an one day event. An exciting topic of interest to millions, Space Day became an annual event. NASA usually does something for this day, and this year they’ll be in Austin doing some events and things about space. I couldn’t really find much for this day, so…

If you couldn’t already tell from yesterday’s video, I love Star Wars and really anything to do with space, science, and sci-fi. It’s probably the genre I enjoy watching the most. Among some of my favorite shows (both current and discontinued) are as follows:

Doctor Who (though I kind of lost interest when they introduced Capaldi, I want to give him another try).

Any Star Trek show – I grew up watching TOS first, then TNG, Enterprise, Voyager, DS9. I CAN’T WAIT to watch Discovery, which is coming out this year! One thing I’m really excited about is that the protagonist will be a woman of color, and will not be the captain but will be Number One (protagonist has always been the captain, and for those who don’t know, Number One is the first officer, right under the captain). One of the actors will be Doug Jones, and he’s amazing. He’s acted as SO many different characters and so many people don’t even know it. (Look him up.) AND there will be a gay character! YAAAS.

Anyway back to the shows. One of the most underrated sci-fi shows ever is Firefly, and I am still angry that they got only one season (and only 14 episodes at that! Firefly did get a movie, but I’m still angry). I actually found out this fact…AFTER I had finished the first season, and asked my dad to get the next one. He broke the news that that was it. So crushed, and I still feel sad thinking about it. Let’s not dwell on that yeah?

There are other sci-fi shows that I enjoy too, but they’re not space based so another video maybe? Ah, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (Neil deGrasse Tyson). A MUST SEE! If you haven’t already watched this, what have you been doing with your life? (On a tangent, while you’re at it, watch Bill Nye Saves the World. A bit quirky, but it is Bill Nye. Worth a watch.) I know this post wasn’t really facty-facts but I didn’t really want to go in depth and I couldn’t find much. Alors, hélas. Let me know in the comments what your favorite thing about space is, and what your favorite sci-fi show is! If you want to support or follow me — Patreon, ko-fi, and socials are all linked in the video. Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow!

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