Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome. Today I just wanted to do a short…let-you-know thing. I’ve decided I want to go ahead and try to do as many collabs as I can during August. You can be a YouTuber or not, it doesn’t matter. I just want to have other people on my channel because for a while, it’s been mostly me. Occasionally, I will have a friend in it because I’m filming a vlog, a travel vlog or some collabs of course. Though the last collab I did was two years ago I think? So I would like to change that. I don’t want to set any rules for the collabs because most of my friends and most of the people who might be interested in doing this are in another state or across the country. So I just want to do whatever you want. It can be just you filming and giving it to me and I can do an intro, “Hello today will be this person,” and go to you. Or it can be just you, that’s it. Or we can discuss ideas and make a video together. I film parts, you film parts, I edit everything. Whatever. I’m open. I’m flexible. Let me know if you’re interested in doing something for me or with me.

I’m currently working on editing the next video already so you will see that soon! I will also be posting a lot of pictures on my Instagram that kind of connect to it. I actually kind of already posted something in my story. You will not see that if you don’t look today. On…the… 14th? Today is the 14th right? *checks* Yes, okay. My days are out of the window. Now I’m rambling so I’m going to shut up and thanks for watching I guess? Contact me about the collabs if you’re interested!

Also, I wanted to ask a quick question. I’ve noticed something recently, and I’m wondering if maybe I should change it? I don’t know. For supporting my content, I have Patreon and ko-fi. I was wondering, would it be better if I changed ko-fi to PayPal? Because more people know about PayPal and have PayPal. So… Should I do that? Or drop it and stay with ko-fi? I don’t know. Let me know.

If you want to support my content, I have Patreon and ko-fi. Subscribe to my channel. Follow me on my socials – FacebookTwitterInstagram. Thanks for reading, see you next time.

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Hello there! I'm Rogan, a queer deaf guy who has a passion for leadership and advocacy. I create YouTube videos about a lot of different topics - being deaf, queer, reading, language, and whatever else interests me!

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