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Augcollab Wrap Up


I’ve decided to go ahead and wrap up Augcollab because of several reasons. First before we continue, I want to say thank you to all of the people who made a video or contacted me about making a video. I apologize if you did contact me and I didn’t reply or follow-up. If I didn’t reply/follow-up, go ahead and contact me again.

One of the reasons why I wanted to wrap up Augcollab is because it’s soon the end of August obviously. And honestly… I miss making videos semi-regularly. So there is that! Of course, I still want to do collabs throughout the year, not only during August. Those people who already contacted me, and I’ve talked with about what we’d do for a collab–I’ve already contacted them and let them know that I’m going ahead and putting Augcollab on hold, postponing until it works better for both of us. So I will definitely still do collabs, just not necessarily during August. Lesson learned: next time I want to do something like this, plan way in advance. Don’t wait until a month before to reach out. Do it waaaaay before. But! Putting that aside, thank you to everyone who watched and commented on the videos this month. I’m excited for some of the collabs that I’ve discussed with people about! They will come…eventually.

Next month is Deaf Awareness Month, so I will be doing videos about deaf topics. I most likely will also be doing regular videos. For this month, I do have a list of topics already. I have enough but if there is a topic that you really, really want to see me discuss, comment below. And I will think about it, or maybe it will already be something I want to talk about, so that might be a fit. We’ll see! What I have in my head for a schedule (what is this?) is roughly twice a week. One video about regular stuff, whatever I want. The second video about deaf awareness. (Those videos will be labeled as such.) Whether videos twice weekly will happen or not remains to be seen. (Note: If you want to see last year’s playlist, go here.)

One more thing! I’m sure some of you have already seen this because this surprisingly blew up in the deaf community. Several of my friends tagged me, contacted me, and said they saw this video. About a month ago, I went to Seattle to do a video interview with Cut. They’re kind of like Buzzfeed but much better quality. Cut doesn’t do news or such. It’s more of people’s stories, that kind of thing. They wanted to do a series that’s called “Deaf People Teach.” So I went and did an interview for that. When they posted the first video, my reaction was this: OF COURSE. The first video they decided to edit and upload was about curse words. Surprise! Not. So… If you want to see Deaf people teach you curse words, video here. BUT! Understand that if you come up to me in person, contact me online, or whatever, and ask me to teach you more curse words, not happening. Because… I did mention it in the interview, but it wasn’t included in the final cut of this video. I personally don’t believe in teaching curse words first. It’s my language. I’m not going to teach you only the bad words in my language if you’re not going to learn anything else. If you are actually motivated, and learn some of my language then want to learn the bad words, that’s fine! But I’m not going to teach you ONLY the bad words. I’m not–no. No.

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(It’s been a while since I did my outro, I almost forgot how to say it heh.)

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