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Hello! I’m back again so soon?? What is happening? Today I want to discuss about BookTube in general. I’ve already tried to make this post/video twice now, and… Well. Both times I tried to make this was as part of other BookTube videos and they were already pretty long. So I thought that it’d be better on its own anyway. My thoughts weren’t very organized both times, so doing a standalone is better. I have two specific things I want to discuss.

First, I am severely disappointed in the hit-and-miss of captions on BookTube. For a while, I thought there weren’t much recent videos captioned on BookTube. But then I realized my search filter wasn’t set to show in order of upload. Once that was changed, I found a whole bunch of recent captioned videos so… I guess I have a lot of videos to check out! But my point – before I discovered this – people really NEED to caption their content. Regardless of what content you make. And be consistent! If you’re all over the place with captions, or take DAYS to post captions… I’m not going to start or continue following you. CAPTION YOUR VIDEOS. In the video, I’m wearing a shirt that says “The Future Is Accessible.” If you want this shirt (and support an awesome YouTuber – Annie Elainey – in the process), you have a week to order one! I’ll link it here. If you know of any great BookTubers, or YouTubers in general, that caption their videos, leave them in the comments!

The second thing I want to discuss: there are so few masculine-presenting BookTubers. Why? I mean, I do kind of understand why there are so few, but at the same time… I know there are men out there that read. I know, because I’m one of them! I just would like to see more masculine-presenting BookTubers because I know you’re out there. Come on. Make videos. Tell me what you read! Part of why I want to see more is, from my fairly limited view of BookTube (like I just explained), it’s almost all white feminine-presenting people. And a lot of that talks about YA (Young Adult) books. Nothing wrong with that but… Where’s the diversity? There’s very little of the “masculine perspective.” I want to see books that men read. Hell, I want to see more people of color, enby, trans, queer, and disabled BookTubers! Diversity. If you know of diverse books or BookTubers (that caption!) leave them in the comments.

Really quick, I wanted to mention two things before ending. In my previous video, Augcollab Wrap Up, I mentioned that I was in a video with Cut. The curse words with deaf people, that one. I linked that one in that particular post/video. But they just posted another one recently, I will link that here if you want to see it. The second thing is that I went to the library today. I was thinking I’ll just get two or three books. I don’t know why I even thought that because… Come on, it’s me. I can never go to the library without getting more than that. Sure enough, I ended up leaving with nine books. By the way, you would know that if you follow me on Instagram. I posted it in both my stories and a post. If you’re interested in what books I got, it’s in the post.

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