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I know, I know, ANOTHER book video! I have a collab that hopefully will be up soon, so I wanted to have another post/video in between that. Also, I just wanted something quick and easy to do.

Hello, welcome to a BookTube post! Today I have five books. Less than usual, but that’s because I’m not including Sbooktober. If you haven’t seen that, here. That was seven books. So really, it’s a total of 12 books. Let’s get into it!

Image result for the card catalog bookFirst: The Card Catalog. I have to tell you, I LOVE this book. It basically gives you the history of the card catalog, how it was invented. And the first, first system, before the card catalog existed. How the catalog became what it is now, or was? Anyway. The progress of adapting from the cards to digital, how that happened. It’s really cool. It includes a lot of history about the people who were involved, like Dewey. Everyone knows Dewey. It also has history about lesser-known people, like the Librarians of Congress. Now, the reason why they have that is because this book was produced by the Library of Congress. The book has some history about Librarians who worked there and who helped make the Library of Congress what it is today. So that was really cool, reading history about libraries, books, and whatever. If you like books, if you like history, and those two together, you’ll love this book.

Image result for exit westNext: Exit West. Another good book. Hamid, the author, did a beautiful job writing this book. It’s about two people who are in a war-torn country. They hear rumors about special doors that can take you away to another places. Like, if you go through a door, you might end up in Greece, or you might end up in London. So it talks about that, the “magic” part, but it also has a lot of focus on these two people who build a strong bond really quickly. It explores how they interact with each other in different environments and the travel, stress from that, all of that. I would definitely recommend reading this book.

Image result for the chickenshit clubNext book: The Chickenshit Club. This was…interesting to read. The sub-title says: Why the Justice Department Fails to Prosecute Executives. It focuses on the whole chaos when the 2008 financial bubble burst, Enron, Wells-Fargo… All of the big companies that collapsed or declined because all of their executives had been caught doing white collar crime. The whole book focuses on white collar crime and how the law changed to approach that. Because white collar crime wasn’t really a thing until later on… Well, “later” compared to the other types of crime. Sometimes the book is really dense, focusing on details of law and whatever. How the law started structuring to approach this new type of crime, then became something that actually had power, and how the justice system – the courts – took away the power from prosecutors and gave the “okay” to do crime to the executives. It was really interesting to read for sure, but if you’re not interested in law, politics, or policy, all of that, this book is not for you, it’s not.

Image result for double bind women on ambitionNext book: Double Bind – Women on Ambition. This book was really written for women, not for people like me, but I still enjoyed reading this. Because I got to read the perspective of women. It was obviously written by women. Diverse women! Black women, Latina women, queer women. The diversity’s really good. Basically this book is in the style of essays. All of them talk about what ambition means to them (the women). It’s really fascinating to read because… As a man, I don’t have that same “look-down” on showing ambition. But I also kind of experience the same discrimination in some cases because I’m queer and disabled. So I can kind of understand what these women are saying in their stories but of course, there are some things that I can’t understand because… I’m a man. It’s a good read, yes. If you’re a woman, man, trans, non-binary, whatever, I don’t care. This is a good read. If you are a woman or feminine-presenting, you probably will relate to this book more than men. But it’s still a good read regardless.

Image result for landline bookNext book that I finished just yesterday, actually two days ago by the time you see this: Landline. I’ve heard a lot of really good things about Rainbow Rowell’s books so… I had this on my list for a while anyway, because I read the synopsis and it seemed interesting. After reading it, yes! It’s good, really good. Basically it’s about a couple that’s having martial problems. When the husband leaves to go home for Christmas, the wife tries to call the landline, but discovers that she’s talking to her husband in the past. I’m not going to say more than that because it’ll spoil the book but do read it!

That’s it for this sum-up. I am currently reading Queer in America. It’s an older book, published in 1994. But… It should be interesting. So if you’ve read any of these books, or want to read any of them, let me know in the comments. And… That’s it for today.

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