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Let me tell you, today’s been an adventure.

Hello and welcome! As you saw from the title, Contemporary-a-thon is what I will be talking about today. This is actually Round 2. I didn’t participate in round 1, because that was last year, before I really got involved with the BookTube community. But I want to do another readathon, so here we go!

I said today’s been an adventure, because… *chuckle* Story time! Last night (Saturday), I was thinking and… Oh. It hit me that the Contemporary-a-thon starts on Monday. (The readathon runs from February 12 to the 18th.) Well crap. I don’t have a video, I don’t even have a TBR, nothing. So… I thought to myself, “Tomorrow morning, I need to get on this.” This morning, I got up, made coffee, and immediately went to find books. To add to that adventure of needing to make a TBR… I started a TBR with some books I had and some I knew I wanted, figured out what the library has, working it out. My list ended up having only two out of seven books that are mine, while the rest are e-books or physical books from the library. Once I finished my TBR, I thought, “No big deal, I’ll just go to the library, get the books, and come back before I do this video. Easy enough right?” Well… I forgot my library is closed on Sundays. So… The list I give you today may change if I’m not able to get all of the books I need from the library. Sigh. Okay! Without further ado, I’ll tell you my books.

Geekerella.jpg1. Read a contemporary book with pink on the cover. I struggled with this one. The first book that came to mind was Queens of Geek. Buuuuuuut my library doesn’t even have it. E-book, physical, audio, nothing. So. That choice was out. Another choice that I had is I Hate Everyone But You. I don’t mind reading it, but I’m a little ambivalent about it. I decided to go ahead and get it so I can have it as a back-up if my first choice doesn’t work out. My first choice is Geekerella. All of the copies are checked out from the library right now, so I put a hold on it (and I’m the first on the list). Hopefully it will appear sometime this week. If not, I already have a back-up.

Image result for homegoingThe next two books, Homegoing and Behold the Dreamers, can actually count for two categories interchangeablyI ordered these two together, I’m not actually sure if they are my most recent contemporary purchase. But for the sake of this video, I’m going to count them for 2. Read the most recent contemporary book you purchased/acquired. These can also count for number four, read a diverse contemporary book. However, I’ve decided I will pick Homegoing for number two.

Hate u give.JPG3. Read a hyped contemporary book. I chose The Hate U Give. This is from the library, hopefully I’ll be able to get this copy because… I really want to read this.

Image result for behold the dreamers4. Read a diverse contemporary book. Like I’ve said, I have two that can count, but I’ve picked Behold the Dreamers.

5. Read a dark/taboo contemporary book. I really, really wanted to read several books, but my library doesn’t have any of them. In particular, I wanted to read The Bone Dragon. serpent king.jpgThe library doesn’t have it at all. The Year of the Rat, they have an audiobook. Only. That’s it. No e-book, no physical book, so! I ended up picking The Serpent King because it was recommended by chelseadolling reads. She has a video that is like 18 minutes long with a huge list of recommendations for all of these categories. So… If you need help finding books, go check it out. This is a physical book from the library, so fingers crossed I can get it.

Black Panther vol 2.jpg6. Read a contemporary graphic novel. I chose Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet Vol. 2. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I read Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet Vol. 1 for Sbooktacular Reading Adventure, or whatever, in October, a readathon. So I thought why not read the second one? (The library) has the e-book, and I’ve already gotten it, I have it ready.

Words in deep blue.jpgLast but not least, 7. Read a contemporary book that has been recommended to you. After hearing about this book in what feels like almost every video recently by Kathy, I decided I’m going to get this book. Words in Deep Blue. HOPEFULLY my library has this, because I really want to read it.

That’s it for my TBR that was thrown together in less than a few hours. So let me know if you’ve read any of these books, which ones you’re most excited for me to read? Let me know in the comments below.

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