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Less Than Famous Panel Audition 2018 | Rogan Shannon


Hello, I’m Rogan and I would love to be on the Less Than Famous panel at VidCon. By simply watching the video, one reason why I stick out in a sea of creators is immediately obvious – there’s no sound, and I’m signing.

As a deaf creator, I’m part of a minority in the physical world and very much so on YouTube. I’m also part of another minority – the queer community. As a deaf queer person, I bring an unique perspective to the YouTube community.

I may be small, but one privilege of being a small creator means I can interact more deeply with my subscribers, answer all the questions they have, and educate more. It’s also easier to engage with other smaller creators, work together on projects and bring awareness to each other. Often, I will be inspired by another creator to make a video, and I’ll be sure to say so. Maybe a video they made is relevant to a small part of mine, so I’ll link to them.

Small creators may be small, but we sure are mighty.

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