Oregon Trip and TEDxSalem

It’s been a while.

Hello and welcome back? As you can see in the video, it’s not my usual set-up. For those who don’t know, I’m currently in LA. Los Angeles. The city, not the state. I’m visiting for a couple weeks. Some work, some pleasure.

Today’s a quick travel vlog of my visit to Oregon recently, on January 2nd to the 8th. I went to Portland for three days first. The reason why I was in Portland was to visit my friend. And of course, we had to go to Powell’s. Duh! We seriously spend hours in there. If you haven’t been to Powell’s, and you have the chance, DO IT. Anything you can think of, dream of, you can find there. Of course, I couldn’t leave Powell’s without buying some books. I left with three books: The Backstagers, Edinburgh, and Draw the Line. I look forward to reading the latter two, I’ve already read The Backstagers. Yes.

After going to Portland, visiting my friend, Powell’s, I went to Salem for a few reasons. One was to visit friends who live in the area. The second was the TEDxSalem Talks. I enjoyed it! As is obvious in the video, I didn’t vlog much. Partly because I forgot. Partly because I couldn’t. TEDxSalem doesn’t allow filming of their presentations. So the clip in the video of the stage and someone talking, that was actually a rehearsal. I’ll explain a little bit.

I arrived in Salem the day before the TEDx Talks. Partly because just, so I’m already in the area, easier that way, and not have to get up really early in the morning. Also, one of my friends was interpreting for a presenter. I was his language coach, so I was there to give support. That day of rehearsals, I was asked to go. Sure. So I saw a little bit, a sneak preview. But I didn’t really pay attention to any of the presenters except my friend’s, because I was there for him. The rehearsals went well, it was mostly just setting up the cameras, figuring out the angles, the audio. Giving the interpreters a chance to practice a little bit with their presenter before the day of. On the day of the Talks, watching them all, I enjoyed it. They had a couple that I got a little bit disconnected from because one, boring. Two, some of the things they said, I… Mmm… No. But don’t get me wrong! Overall, it was great, and I enjoyed it. I will definitely want to go to a TED Talk again sometime.

I probably should mention, all day – the presenters, the MC, the performers – all of it was interpreted. Now, who did the interpreting varied. The MC, professional interpreters did that. The presenters and performers were done by student interpreters. Understand this, that interpreting for the presenters doubled as their final exam for the term. The student interpreters did a great job. Of course, we had some stumbling, because the presenter changed what they said, or nerves, or… But really, all of them did a great job. After the TEDx Talks finished, I stayed in Salem for a few more days, hanging out with friends, enjoying it. Then I went back home, stopping in Portland quick to get some food, then on the way.

Hope you enjoyed this short vlog of my Oregon trip. There will be more trips to Oregon, when, I don’t know. I’m currently in LA, like I mentioned at the beginning of this video. I am trying to remember to vlog some. So I do have some clips so far. When that vlog will be out, I don’t know. I’m here in LA until February 4th, some of those days I will be working. Then after I get back home, I’ll be busy a little bit. So… We will see.

Leave in the comments…something. Maybe a place you know in LA that I should go and see. The Last Bookstore, yes, check, been there. I’m tempted to go again, but I probably won’t because I went to a bookstore earlier today and got a few books. So yes, leave places in LA I should try to check out before I leave. And I will see you whenever.

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