Life Update: I’m Still Here!

I’m alive!!

Hello and welcome back! It’s been a while. The last post I made was on January 25th. So… Just under a month ago. Life has been a little… wild. So I thought I would do a quick update and say yes, I’m not done with YouTube/this blog. No, I’m still doing this. I’ve just been SO busy lately.

I’ve mentioned this in a few previous posts. In January, I flew to the Bay Area to do an interpreting job. Then flew down to LA, Los Angeles, from January 18 to February 4th. Part of that time there was just going around and enjoying it. Part of that was working. I will be making a vlog of my trip in LA… It may be the next–no it won’t be the next video. The second video after this. Because the one after this will be my January wrap up. Anyway. I had fun in LA, I really enjoyed my time there, met quite a few new people. I, for sure, will visit again someday.

After LA, I came back home. But… I didn’t have any ahh, relax. No. No. If you follow my social media, you will already know this. I was part of the Short Play Festival hosted by Deaf Spotlight in partnership with ACTLab. That was a fantastic experience. Unfortunately, I didn’t film anything of the backstage, or during rehearsals, or whatever. But I do have some footage from other people who filmed. I may edit a short video of that, and talk more about my experience with that. But to sum up the point, I really enjoyed it, and the reason why I had no time when I got back from LA… Rehearsals actually started on January 27th, and I was still in LA. So I did some FaceTime rehearsals. And then immediately after I got back on February 4th, the next day I had an in-person rehearsal. Going from there, had a lot of rehearsals after that. Tech week. The play ran from February 14th to the 17th, so it’s already over. But all our shows sold out tickets, so that was great. A lot of people who came really enjoyed our plays. I will talk more about it in another video, I think that’s probably best.

So that was a quick update of what’s been happening, because no videos for a while. Now you know why. I hope to get back into filming, making videos, and so on soon. More is coming, I promise.

A few of you messaged me on Instagram, Tweeted me, saying we miss you on YouTube, are you still alive? Still doing YouTube? Yes! I really appreciate it, and if you ever wonder where I am? Please feel free to contact me, I will try my best to answer, and I am usually more active on those than YouTube anyway. So, you want more information, see more from me, follow me on those. All the links are below obviously, and since I seem to be ending the post, see you around!

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