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Life Update | Pandemic Edition

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Hello and welcome. Today I just wanted to let you know what’s up with me, during this whole pandemic situation.

My living situation – I am very lucky that I live with my parents. I’m really– Some of you might already know, I was thinking about to Seattle soon, hoping to. Because I could finally afford to live in Seattle, but then this whole thing hit. So… I’m really glad that I hadn’t moved, because… That leads into my work situation.

All of my usual jobs have pretty much gone up in air, nothing. What I do is deaf interpreting, as my main income, that’s deaf interpreting. And most… I plan to make a video for those of you who don’t really know what deaf interpreters do. I plan to explain the whole spectrum of work that we do, but my work is mostly with DeafBlind clients. Obviously, because DeafBlind interpreting work requires a lot of touch, a lot of closeness, that doesn’t really work with social distancing and all of that. So my work in that field is gone. And generally, deaf interpreting often requires in-person work. Or it’s more effective if it’s in person. So that means jobs for deaf interpreters are very limited now. Most deaf interpreting jobs are in person, and I’m willing to work those jobs. But even if I had jobs that I could accept, I wouldn’t. Because I live with my parents, and they’re both immunocompromised. That puts them at risk, so I can’t do that. I can only do remote work right now, which is tough.

So, because I can pretty much do only remote work right now, I’ve been trying to make more YouTube videos, get a little bit of revenue from that. I’ve also worked on improving and changing the look of my website, making it a little bit–making it so I’m happy with the layout. I’ve also worked on revamping my Patreon tiers.

I mention it at the end of every video, but a quick explanation of what Patreon is. It’s basically crowdfunding for creators of any kind. Artists, writers, musicians, YouTubers, and so on. Any kind of creator can use Patreon for supporting their work. I’ve had this for a while, but right now, I’m working on improving it – more tiers, more options, more benefits. That’s one way people can support me. But if you’re thinking yeah, you want to do that, hold on! Don’t do that yet, because I will soon release the new tiers. I will release a video explaining each tier, so when you see that video, you can go ahead and support me. My Patreon is set to pay me once a month. So it doesn’t matter how many or how few videos I make that month, it will pay me once. I hope to get all of the new tiers set up before May 1st. Maybe by the end of this week. I will put out a video explaining everything, so look for that if you want to support me that way.

I have another option for supporting me financially, and that would be Ko-fi (sounds like coffee). This is different from Patreon. Patreon is like a monthly subscription, while Ko-fi is once. You pay, and that’s it. Unless you decide later on you want to do it again, you can. It’s the equivalent to buying me a coffee. Of course, I will leave the link for that here. Really, any financial support from you all in these weird times is much appreciated.

Another thing that I was thinking about, maybe, is creating an online art store where I can sell prints of my work. I don’t know if it’s worth doing the work for that. I’m still thinking about it. So if I do that, I will leave a link below, or I’ll just post it all over my social medias.

If you know of any work I can do remotely, or ideas on how I can earn money while I can’t interpret, let me know in the comments. Any ideas are much appreciated.

Yeah, I think that’s it for this video. I know that these are really weird times for everyone, so… In the comments, leave one thing that has made you happy during this whole stay-at-home thing.

If you want to support my content financially, I would really appreciate it if you joined my Patreon (but hold until the new tiers are up) or made a one-time donation to my Ko-fi tip jar. Subscribe to my channel. Follow me on my socials – FacebookTwitterInstagram. Thanks for reading, see you next time.

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