Danmark og Castberggård

Frontrunners 11 has begun! I flew into Copenhagen yesterday, met up with Sarah and took the bus to Vejle where Florencia and Laure met us with Ole (one of the teachers), and two Navigator students. From there, we went to Castberggård, had dinner then got a quick tour. We got our stuff settled and move around thingsContinue reading “Danmark og Castberggård”

Bisexuality and why it’s difficult

Why It’s Hard to Talk About My Bisexuality The link right above leads to a well-written article about why it’s difficult for people who are bisexual to be able to talk with their family, friends, or new people about this. Basically, people will dismiss it as something “not real” or say it’s a phase orContinue reading “Bisexuality and why it’s difficult”

A Deaf Perspective: Life With Assumptions | ft. Gianna Heaviland

Video: http://youtu.be/kOaI8KxI70g This blog post will only be a direct transcript of the video, due to it being a conversation between two people. Enjoy! Rogan: Hello! I’m Rogan and I’m here with a guest today. Gianna: Hello, my name is Gianna Heaviland. I’m a second year here at NTID, and I’m from San Diego, California. R: Today,Continue reading “A Deaf Perspective: Life With Assumptions | ft. Gianna Heaviland”