Christmas! | Vlogmas

Hello and welcome to Vlogmas day 25, the last day for Vlogmas. Hopefully, not the last video for this year. We’ll see.

I just want to talk and wrap up Vlogmas. I really enjoyed this year. I think that the way I decided to do it this year, alternating vlogs and planned videos worked really well. Yes, I did get behind. I didn’t plan my time well, that’s my fault. But I think if I planned my time better, I could do that again next year. I just need to plan better.

I’m really happy with what I made this month. Though I do need to figure out how I will do the first week of December, because that’s when me and Kathy usually do our Queer Lit Readathon. So, trying to read, on average, seven books in a week, and at the same time as Vlogmas, and at the same time as doing work or whatever. It’s a lot. I need to figure out how to make that work better. Maybe pre-film some things for that week, and then the vlogs, just edit as they come. I don’t know. I need to figure that out.

Other than that, I think it worked out pretty well. This month, I was doing a lot, so that helped me have good content for the vlogs. Most of the time, my life is not that exciting, so I was glad I had things to put in the vlogs. I think I maybe want to try and do vlogs from time to time. Are you interested in that? Is that something I should do for upcoming things? I don’t know. Going back to my roots a little bit. I don’t know, let me know.

*sighs* Of course my battery is about to die. I guess that means it’s just a really short video today. I want to say thank you for watching all of my videos, participating with this, commenting, and whatever. Thank you. And let me know if there’s any content you want to see me do more of, or something new, whatever.

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Seattle | Vlog | Vlogmas

[Video opens with a panning shot going around a lit up Christmas tree, ending with a metal star on the top. Cuts to Rogan in their room.]

Hello and welcome to Vlogmas day 24. Merry Christmas Eve! Hopefully, you will see this on Christmas Eve. *shrugs* Today’s a little bit random. What I will show you next is something I made… Well, started at a CODA fundraiser, and actually finished it two days ago.

[ID: A square piece of wood with many nails hammered into it, strings tied around each nail, overlapping and creating many triangles. It all comes together to create a picture of a setting sun over water and a shoreline.]

That was just for fun, I made that design based on the grain of the wood, which you can’t really see, because it’s covered up by the string, but… Yeah. I don’t know where I will put that, I have no idea. I just made it for fun. I’ll figure it out, it’s fine. The rest of this vlog is really random stuff. I went to Edmonds to see a movie, Rise of Skywalker.

[Slow panning shot of a mountain range and the setting sun making the clouds turn orange and slightly pink.]

I really enjoyed it. I can understand why people really criticized it, but I personally enjoyed it. I think that if you like Star Wars, you’ll enjoy this. And then I went to drop off someone at the airport.

[On the road, trees whizzing by, suddenly revealed are clouds glowing with the setting sun, it’s clear it’s golden hour and there are some rays.]

After dropping them at the airport, I went to Capitol Hill for a little bit of shopping.

[Two large and colorful murals, one with several large eyes and one with insects and a couple of leaves. Looking up at the sky through bare tree branches, slowly moving down to look at the sidewalk and showing more of the stunning sunset. The sign of Elliott Bay Book Company, quickly panning down to some stairs and walking through a door, book shelves and people everywhere.]

Of course, I was shopping for books! Though these were for Christmas presents, not for myself. Even though they are books I would read myself. Anyway. That’s what I have for this vlog. I hope you enjoyed watching this, and… Merry Christmas. I don’t know if I will make a video for tomorrow. I probably will for wrapping up Vlogmas, but I may schedule that. We’ll see what happens. Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow, maybe.

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Top 10 Queer Books of 2019 | BookTube | Vlogmas

Hello and welcome to Vlogmas day 23. Today I will tell you my top 10 queer books of 2019. As of filming this, I’ve finished 122 books this year, and 52 of those are queer. I narrowed it down to 10. I originally thought about doing five, but narrowing down to ten was hard enough. Two were published in 2018, the rest were published in 2019. I will tell you them in order of publication, because it’s not fair to rank these wonderful books. I’ll tell you three things: the title, the month it was published, and one sentence of what the book’s about.

The Prince and the Dressmaker, published February 2018. I’ve read this 3 times. A prince that secretly goes out at night as Lady Crystallia and dazzles the town with her fashion.

The Disasters, published December 2018. Space academy dropouts are blamed for the biggest crime in space history, and they have to save the universe while on the run.

Bloom, published January. Two boys meet at a bakery – one wants to leave, one loves to bake – and slowly fall in love.

Red, White, & Royal Blue, published May. America’s First Son causes an international incident with the Prince of Wales, and they have to pretend to be friends, but it turns into something deeper.

I Wish You All the Best, published in May, and on the same day as Red, White, & Royal Blue. A non-binary teen gets kicked out of their home, goes to live with their estranged sister, deals with transferring to a new school, and meeting a charismatic boy.

Gender Queer, published May. A graphic memoir about eir journey of grappling with gender, sexuality, how to explain that to others, bonding with those who understand.

Cantoras, published September. Five women who carve out their own refuge from a brutal dictatorship, growing together as lovers, friends, and family.

Sorted, published September. Trans YouTuber and queer advocate, he talks about his journey of sorting things out during his childhood and awkward adolescence until finally coming out as a trans man in his mid-twenties.

Full Disclosure, published October. A HIV positive teen just transferred to a new school, becomes the student director of Rent, and struggles to keep her status a secret while falling for a cute boy.

In the Dream House, published November. Using a series of narrative tropes including some classic horror tropes, Machado tells the story of her past experience in an abusive queer relationship with candidness, inventiveness, and wit.

That’s my top ten queer books of 2019. Let me know if you want to read any of these, and if you have read any of them, tell me what you think of them in the comments. Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow.

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Granola | Vlog | Vlogmas

Hello, future Rogan here. I’m actually a little bit behind on Vlogmas, I’m catching up right now. So today is Vlogmas day 22. I had a White Elephant party yesterday on the 21st. “Yesterday.” I brought a huge wine glass. Really, it can hold a whole bottle of champagne, that’s what it says on the box. But I also brought a nice set of four things for wine, like a wine opener, things like that. A spout, etc. Then mine, what I ended up going home with was a mug with a simple outline of a French bulldog. It was originally going to be hand soap, four bars. I don’t use hand soap. The bars, I almost never use. My family doesn’t use them, so I gave them to someone who would actually use them, and traded for that mug.

Also, one person there is originally from Belgium. So, they went recently, visiting family for the holidays. They brought back chocolate for me. Because they know I’ve visited Belgium, and my grandpa lived there for a while, so they thought of me and brought chocolate. That was really nice, thank you.

And the next thing, which will be the rest of this vlog, is me making granola, homemade granola. I do this from time to time, for both my family, and our Airbnb guests. That’s really delicious. So I will just show you the process of making that. Enjoy!

[Rest of the video is Rogan measuring out ingredients, mixing them, putting it in the oven, the final result.]

“A Christmas Carol” Book Tag | BookTube | Vlogmas

This is what happens when you don’t plan ahead.

Hello, and welcome to Vlogmas day 19! Today, I will be doing the “A Christmas Carol” Book Tag created by Lauren Wade. I was tagged to do this by Anna, we recently co-hosted the Queer Lit Readathon together. I have the questions here by me. I haven’t really thought about most of my answers in advance, so I’ll just go through and see what happens.

1. The Ghost of Christmas Past – a childhood favorite. Childhood… I don’t know. My first response would be Harry Potter. I was obsessed with the series, I read them I don’t know how many times. I’ve read them many times. Though… With the author being really problematic right now, I’m not sure if I want that to be my answer. I will always love Harry Potter and the universe. But… JK Rowling, really? So. To give you another magical alternative, one series I loved growing up was Young Wizards. The first book was called So You Want to Be a Wizard. I have the first six books in that series, I believe. I haven’t read them in a long time, I’m thinking about maybe doing a re-read someday when I get my books back from storage.

2. The Ghost of Christmas Present – A recent book that you think will become one of your all time favorites. My first response is recent, a really recent book, Cantoras. I… I just loved the writing in this book, and the story is just… It’s amazing.

3. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come – A book coming out next year that you’re most excited about. I don’t really pay attention to when books are released, so I had to look it up on my GoodReads to see what books aren’t out yet. One is Spellhacker by M.K. England. Their first book, The Disasters, I loved that! And the premise for Spellhacker, yes, I’m excited for this one.

4. Bah, Humbug! – A book that everyone else loves that you just can’t stand. I don’t normally disparage books that much. But I guess one I would pick… I gave it an average rating, but now looking back, I’m thinking no, I don’t know why I gave it that rating. This Is Kind of an Epic Love Story. I really had a lot of problems with it. A lot of it to do with the representation of the deaf character in there. Just a lot of little issues with it. And the whole story was okay.

5. Bob Cratchit – An old dependable that you always recommend. I don’t really have that. It depends on the person, what they’re asking me for. I don’t have that one book I ALWAYS recommend.

6. Tiny Tim – An under-hyped book that you think deserves more love. So many books! I–one for–maybe it’s just me, I don’t really watch a lot of BookTube, but I feel like I don’t see this book being talked about a lot. Let’s Talk About Love. I just love this book. A fantastic main character that’s ace. I just… A black woman who’s also ace! Yes.

7. Today? Why it’s Christmas Day! – What’s a book that always gets you in the mood for Christmas (apart from A Christmas Carol)? I don’t really do that. I read year-round, and… Yeah, I celebrate Christmas, but I really get in the mood for Christmas with decorations and such. I don’t really read books to get in the mood.

8. The Muppet Christmas Carol – Your favorite film adaptation of a book. I generally prefer the book over the movie. I was trying to think, I felt like I just saw something that I thought the movie was really good, almost equal to the book. I was trying to figure it out, and I guess I’ll go with this. The Umbrella Academy. It’s technically a graphic novel, but I’m still counting this. The graphic novels are really…strange, and the storylines in that are just. Okay. But the TV show on Netflix, yes. I love it, and I can’t wait for the next season.

9. Tag some people! I don’t really follow that many BookTubers because a lot of them don’t caption, and I don’t feel like working through those. So the people who I tag may already be tagged, but whatever. And they all do caption. Kathy, Adriana, and Yvette. I will leave links below. That’s it for the “A Christmas Carol” Book Tag. If you want to do this, and you haven’t been tagged, consider yourself tagged. I have a video coming tomorrow that may be a little bit of a surprise. I hope that I can make it work. We’ll find out! Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow.

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Holiday Spirit! | Vlog | Vlogmas

[Video starts with Rogan pouring a liquid from a small jar into a large growler, they close the cap, sealing it. Rogan’s intro logo. Rogan in his kitchen.]

Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome. I will be editing this out of order, I think. Anyway, whatever, it’s… I was planning on catching up on Vlogmas today, but… This probably will go up tomorrow…I don’t know what day it is anymore. Plans went wrong. Which is fine, I’m not really on schedule anyway. *sighs* I don’t know where this will be. I. Just. Enjoy!

[Two pictures above. Rogan sitting on the couch.]

Editing Rogan here. I wanted to add a few things. The ginger beer you saw at the beginning, was me adding more ginger syrup for promoting more flavor and encouraging the yeast to feed and grow, because it wasn’t really bubbly yet. Then the cans you saw, it turned out really good. Very strong on the ginger, chef’s kiss. I have one, I haven’t given it to my parents to try yet. I’m hoping to do that tonight, because it is perishable, so we need to drink it soon. 10/10 would do again, though this time, I would want to take more of the work, because the other person did most of the work last time. So…

[Going down a straight road. Several clips of storefronts lit up with Christmas string lights, some have trees, it’s very festive and small-town. Rogan on the couch again.]

What you just saw is La Conner. I was there only because I was dropping off a package for my mom. I decided to drive through downtown, I just love that town. It’s a cute little art town. That main street, most of the places on that street are art stores, different kinds of art. I really just love that town. I don’t go as often as I’d like. I may go again… Sometime soon, I don’t know. Probably not during Vlogmas though, because Vlogmas is almost over.

[Rogan sitting in their parked car.]

I’m about to go to the store, because I need to find something for White Elephant this Saturday, friends are getting together and doing White Elephant. My mom got something for her work’s White Elephant, and I thought that I wouldn’t mind getting the same thing for mine. I’m going to see if they still have it. If not, I’ll go to Bargains Galore, a local thrift store. So, we’ll see what happens. Even if I do find what I plan to get, or go to Bargains Galore, or whatever, I probably won’t show you because I don’t want to ruin the surprise for people in the group. I will maybe show you on Saturday, or take a picture and show you later. So, let’s go.

[Timelapse of Rogan driving. Rogan in his room.]

I’m back home. My plan didn’t work. So… I guess I can tell you what it was. I will show you a picture if I can find something similar. Yeah, it was a gnome with a golden hat. The hat can come off, and there’s a candle inside. I was planning to get that and put caramels inside, but… Okay, that’s not happening. That’s fine. I found something else. Obviously I can’t tell you what that is. But I will show you later.

I’m going ahead and end here. I know this is more random than usual, but I hope you still enjoyed it anyway. And… Thanks for watching, see you tomorrow. Or later today!

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Tips for hearing family of deaf | Vlogmas

Hello and welcome to Vlogmas day 17. If you’re wondering what happened to day 16, I decided that would be a break day. I didn’t miss a video!

I wanted to give you a few tips for what to do during the holidays with deaf family. I did this video last year, almost exactly one year. I will repeat some things, but that’s fine, because sometimes it needs repeating. Really, number one, the big number one: make an effort to communicate. It doesn’t matter how. Writing, learning a little bit of sign, trying to make sure they can see you clearly, having one-on-one conversations. Really, just making an effort to communicate. We have several apps that can make this easier. I’ll tell you a few.

One is Big. I believe this one is iPhone only. It really just makes text big, white text on a black background. I think you can change it, but the default is white text on black. I use this all the time.

Another app that I’ve tried with varying levels of success: Ava. I tried this when I went to VidCon, with some of my hearing friends. It didn’t work that well. But. I tried it again, more recently, with some hearing friends. The big difference – at VidCon, we were outside, there was a lot of people around, a lot of noise, so Ava broke down and didn’t really work that well. But I tried again when it was just me and two other people. It seemed to work pretty well. And they downloaded it on their phones too, they tried it. We assigned the names, and connected the conversation, it seemed to work most of the time. That’s one option.

One app that’s fairly new is Google Live Transcribe. Right now, it’s Android only, iPhones don’t have it yet. One person I know has it, and we tried it out. It’s pretty good, and they speak Portuguese. They tested it with Portuguese, and it’s pretty good at understanding what they said. They tried some random, unusual words that aren’t really common in everyday speech, and it picked it up pretty well. So, if you have an Android phone, download that and try it. Let me know if that works really well for you. Really, you can even use the Notes app with speech-to-text for talking. The other way is a bit longer, but that’s another option too.

Also, there are a few apps out there for learning sign. I think one is actually called The ASL App. So download that, use a few websites. is always a good one. Just–Learn. Even basic signs. Don’t always text all the way. Especially if you have a deaf family member. That’s not fair to them, having to always take the burden of communication. Take some of that burden off of them.

One simple way to help them feel a little bit included is playing games. Board games, card games, or even doing a puzzle. Things that people can do together, but not require conversation. Puzzles can be useful for those who don’t mind being around people, but just don’t want to talk too much. My family does that sometimes.

That’s all for this year’s guide. I hope this helped you figure out a way to include your deaf family members. Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow.

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