Sign Languages – Wait, there’s more than one?

The article below perfectly sums up what every person who knows sign language has experienced at least once. The fact that so many people are clueless about a multitude of sign languages existing in the world. I mean, did you really think there was only one international sign language while there are so many different spoken languages? Sign language developed the exact same way spoken language did, separately. There are even regional signs, especially here in the US because it’s a big place.

Here’s What You Probably Don’t Know About Sign Language

Found – BSL Zone

Great documentary about three people finding their Deaf identity! I can never emphasize how important it is for Deaf children to have language at a young age, and usually the best option is some form of sign language. I am still dumbfounded by how many people do not understand that more often than not, speech/spoken language is not the best avenue for those who have lost their hearing (hello, unable to hear what’s being said?). I could go on and on, but I won’t. Go watch the video! Perhaps I should make a YouTube video of my thoughts… Hmm…

(Subtitles available for the signing-impaired and those who can’t understand BSL)

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