Found – BSL Zone

Great documentary about three people finding their Deaf identity! I can never emphasize how important it is for Deaf children to have language at a young age, and usually the best option is some form of sign language. I am still dumbfounded by how many people do not understand that more often than not, speech/spoken language is not the best avenue for those who have lost their hearing (hello, unable to hear what’s being said?). I could go on and on, but I won’t. Go watch the video! Perhaps I should make a YouTube video of my thoughts… Hmm…

(Subtitles available for the signing-impaired and those who can’t understand BSL)

Click here: Found


Hello! I decided to set up this website because I have several social media accounts, and not everyone knows of them/follows them so I thought I’d make this an one-stop for everything Rogan Shannon. I will try my best to be good about updating this website as I post new stuff, but we shall see! I do intend to use this often during my time in Europe, so this will be a good place for those who want to follow my travels there.