Dear Lesbians and Gays – I’m Bisexual and You Treated Me Like Crap

I shared this article on my personal Facebook page, but thought it’d be a good idea to share here too. Link here. All of this. I never understood why the gay/lesbian community acts like this, and still don’t. True, I feel like it has improved some in the younger generation, seeing we’re generally more accepting –Continue reading “Dear Lesbians and Gays – I’m Bisexual and You Treated Me Like Crap”

Emotional Double Standard

Video: Today I want to discuss a little about something that I’ve been thinking about a while. You’ll already know what this post is about if you read the title. Before I continue, I want to be clear I’m talking about the US, and I am fully aware this is different in other countries. IContinue reading “Emotional Double Standard”

Why I Prefer Queer

Video: TW: Q-slur used frequently. Today I’ll be exploring why I prefer using the term queer. For those who don’t know, queer is an alternative umbrella term for the LGBTQ+ community. But it can also be used to define a specific identity, either with gender or sexuality. If you saw my 10 things about me video, youContinue reading “Why I Prefer Queer”

Bisexuality and why it’s difficult

Why It’s Hard to Talk About My Bisexuality The link right above leads to a well-written article about why it’s difficult for people who are bisexual to be able to talk with their family, friends, or new people about this. Basically, people will dismiss it as something “not real” or say it’s a phase orContinue reading “Bisexuality and why it’s difficult”