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19 May scshot.pngWelcome to VEDIM day 19! *cheering* I made it this far! Today is Bike to Work Day. It usually happens on the third Friday of May, which is today. In the past to now, usually the biking associations will be the ones that encourage people to do this. As you could probably see from the beginning of this video, I obviously need more practice on a bike. I…haven’t been on a bike for a year, since I left Denmark. Part of that is because I…to be honest, I don’t feel comfortable on bikes here. Not as comfortable as I felt in Denmark. The reason is because anywhere there, people there respect bikers. While here… [puts hands up in the air] Even Copenhagen, their biggest city, I felt fine on a bike there in the middle of the city on the road with cars and everything. Why? They have real bike lanes, they have lights for bikes only, and I really enjoyed biking there. Because people there respect you. And even if they see you seem to be struggling, it’s fine, not a problem. They give you plenty of space. Those bike lanes are usually at least wide enough for two, even three bikers. Usually just two though, just plenty of room. And what makes their bike lanes different than the ones here in the US: Here, bike lanes usually are just a line showing that this side is for bikes and that side is for cars. Not really…giving bikers a sense of safety. And those lanes, cars will often drive on those lanes if they’re planning to turn right. You’re not supposed to do that. While in Denmark, Copenhagen, their road for cars and for bikes is a different level, by maybe two, three inches. It’s high enough that cars will feel it if they move that way, and low enough that bikes can easily get off if needed for whatever reason. There’s that split, then again for pedestrians. So three different levels of road/lanes. That’s nice! And for the stoplights at big intersections, they will have lights for bikes too. Because sometimes, it’s not safe for bikes to go if cars need to turn right, so there are lights for bikes only. Sometimes, you will see only bikes moving around, then cars while bikes have to stop. That’s really nice. I just wish that the US had more respect for bikers in general really. If that was the case, I probably would feel more comfortable using bikes around here but…I don’t. Part of that is because there are laws for bikers that so many people don’t even know about.

Recently, today I saw an article about something like seven different laws that bikers follow and drivers don’t know about and think bikers are wrong but the bikers are actually in the right. Some examples are like on the road, if there’s two bikers abreast and taking over the road. They are allowed to do that. Because that gives them more visibility plus safety. And cars can’t pass, they’re not allowed to pass. And many drivers ignore the minimum three feet distance (from the biker). And…really, three feet…Ehhh. That makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable. Because a lot of drivers don’t…really think about three feet, and even three feet, that’s… [indicates distance]

This is really more of a rambling post today, I didn’t really have a plan or information. Just this. Enjoy! And I’m really enjoying the nice day out here in my hammock! I know this is set up wrong, shh. That’s because these are rafters, so…It’s not really tree to tree. If it was tree-to-tree, it would be more flat. But this is not. So [shrugs]. I tend to sit cross-legged anyway, so it’s fine. Anyway. Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow.

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