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Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome to Vlogmas day 14. I had a topic written down for today, but I didn’t feel like it. Also, that would take too much time, so I’m doing the winter tag instead. I tagged Aly Drayton to do the I Love Fall Tag, so she tagged me for this one.

1. What’s your favorite winter outfit? If you’ve been watching for a while, you might recall in one video, I said I love scarves, but I have only two. Well… I have six now. I know the question was asking what’s your favorite OUTFIT, but… Scarf, coat, hat, and gloves. *shrugs*

2. What’s your favorite winter food? Anything hot? But! Æbleskiver, ohh. It’s a Danish food. It’s so good! SO good.

3. What’s your favorite winter drink? Eggnog. I’ve had it only once so far this month, so I may have to go buy some. Maybe tonight or tomorrow, hmm.

4. What’s your dream way to spend a winter day? Sitting by a window, with a warm blanket, a book, coffee, and snow outside.

5. How do you like to do your makeup in the winter? Pretty sure I don’t use make up. This is not a gender thing, I just don’t use make up.

6. What are you hoping Santa will bring you? *sighs* Student loan forgiveness. Basically, money.

7. What are the first three things that reminds you of winter? Snow, ice, hot drinks.

8. What’s your favorite winter song? Oh! I know my answer! No, wait, I don’t.

9. What’s your favorite winter memory? No specific favorite ones, but I do enjoy it when my family goes to Alaska. Just because it’s guaranteed it will have snow, and possibly see the northern lights, and all the beauty. Also, this is not a favorite, but it’s a very memorable Christmas. When I spent it in Australia. It was…odd. 43ºC. That was a hot Christmas, and just wrong.

10. What’s your favorite winter scent? I do love the smell after it just snowed, the fresh and cold smell. Ooh! But also, I like hot cinnamon, hot cider smells.

11. Finish the sentence… If I could have one wish this Christmas, it would be…? Having the perfect, dream job. That’s it for Vlogmas day 14. If you haven’t done this, and you haven’t been tagged, do it.

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