Etymology | ASL Ponderings (sorta)

Video: Note: I attempt to notate some signs, so I would suggest you watch the video if you want to be clear on what the sign looks like. Also, fs is short for fingerspelling. Hello, welcome back! I was unsure about labeling this as an ASL Ponderings because this is more focused on linguistics and analyzing the … Continue reading Etymology | ASL Ponderings (sorta)

Perception of Spoken/Written vs Signed Languages

Video: Hello! Welcome back. Before I jump into today’s post, I wanted to remind you that this post has a companion video, linked above. I’m going to go back through this website and modify the titles, so if the title has [VIDEO(S)], that means it’s only the video, and no blog post attached with it. If … Continue reading Perception of Spoken/Written vs Signed Languages

Polyglots and the US

Video: Hello! I'm Rogan, and welcome to my YouTube channel/website. I've had several new people subscribe to me recently, so thank you for subscribing! I hope you will enjoy my posts/videos. Today, I want to talk about something related to one of my favorite topics: language. Language - it doesn't matter if it's spoken, written, … Continue reading Polyglots and the US