Queer Lit Readathon

We are doing round three! New details will be released SOON!

Welcome! This page is an one-stop for all things related to the Queer Lit Readathon. You can also watch Rogan, Kathy, and Adriana’s announcement videos.

Dates of the readathon: December 2-8, 2018

  • In the person’s own timezone, no need to read according to our timezone.

Welcome to Queer Lit Readathon! Your hosts are Kathy Trithardt, Rogan Shannon, and Adriana (perpetualpages) who is our guest cohost, and we’re very excited to be doing this. This readathon will be occurring December 2-8, 2018 in your own timezone. The rules for this are simple: all the books you choose must have a queer main character or revolve around queer topics. Below, you’ll see a board of 16 challenges you can choose from. You can go for a bingo, or not, it’s totally up to you. Read as many or as few as you want, we’re not strict! After the board, there’s a list of all the challenges with some more detail for your perusal.

QueerLitRead Challenges Dec 2018

Reading Challenges:

All books must have a queer main character or revolve around queer topics.

    • Read a book with a indigenous main character
    • See yourself – read a book that has an intersectionality you share
    • New Author – read a book by an author you’ve never read before
    • Read a book with an ace/aro spectrum main character
    • Read a book with a trans main character
      • Our use of trans here is the umbrella term which includes non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid, and the multitude of humans that are not cisgender
    • Read a 5 star prediction book, or one that is hyped/popular
    • ??? – Choose your own category (and tell us what it is!)
    • Read a graphic novel
    • Group Read – to be determined by Twitter poll (posted on Nov. 11th)
        • The book that has been chosen is Girls of Paper and Fire!
      • This is entirely optional. If you cannot get ahold of this, or don’t want to read it, choose another square.
    • Read a middle grade book
    • Read a book with a disabled main character
    • Read a book by a POC author
    • Read a translated book
    • Read a historical fiction
    • Read a genre you don’t usually read
  • Read an #ownvoices book

That’s it! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @queer_lit, and if you post about this readathon, use the hashtag #queerlitread on all platforms to make sure we all can see the amazing books you’re reading!


Can I read the same book for multiple challenges?

Yes! We are aware not everyone can read many books in one week, so go for it!

Do I have to make a bingo?

No you don’t! You can read books from only the corners, or only the center, it’s all up to you. You can read 2 books or 14 books (we would be very impressed if you managed this!), the goal of this readathon is to be flexible as possible.

I can’t think of any books that match {this challenge}, help!

We have a few videos that recommend several queer lit books, linked here.

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