Nyle DiMarco Overload | Deaf Awareness Month

Video: http://youtu.be/QBHfCU8CrY0

Fifth video/post for this month! Don’t forget to check out the playlist for the other videos! You might be going “Wait, what??” over the title. I may have click-baited you a little bit. What I really want to talk about today is yes, a bit about Nyle. However, this is not to glorify or praise him. I feel like there is enough of that out there. Absolutely, Nyle is really a great person. I’m not saying that he’s awful, or saying negative things, none of that. Just that I see a lot of people praising him, saying he’s so great, dah dah dah, but what they often forget is that… He isn’t the only one. There are plenty of other Deaf people out there, plenty of other PEOPLE out there doing great things for the Deaf community. And… You just don’t see them, maybe because they work in an organization, and don’t want their names out there, or maybe they do have their name out there but they’re just forgotten about. I want to remind you that Nyle is human, just like all of us. He can’t do all of the advocacy work by himself. He needs our help. That’s the same for any advocate in any community. They can’t do it all by themselves. They can’t do it without the community’s support. And yes, I know many of you already support Nyle, but… How do you support him? By just going “Woohoo! I support you!” Or do you actually get out there, and do something? Advocates don’t just need the community to support what they’re doing. They need the community to also actually do something and not just sit there going “Woohoo!” They don’t need a cheerleading squad. They need people who actually get out there and do something. Or at the very least, this! Writing blog posts, posting on social media, YouTube, making yourself seen.

RikkiReally, there are a lot of people out there that are doing a lot of great advocacy work. One person for example, is Rikki Poynter. I’ve mentioned her before in some of my other videos. She’s a big advocate for captions on YouTube, mostly. This is a little hint for my next video/post that will be out on September 25th. JulesAnd there will be plenty of other videos on September 25th. Mostly because of this specific topic, and the second reason is it’s International Day of the Deaf on the 25th, so… I might do two videos/posts for that day, I don’t know. We’ll see, we’ll see. Anyway. Another person that may not be as well-known, but is still kind of well-known, is Jules Dameron. She’s a Deaf female director. She is pushing for more Deaf women in film. That’s a pretty tough job. Why is that? Generally, the film world is male-dominated, regardless of being Deaf or hearing. So… Pushing more Deaf women to get involved with film, that’s a very big job. That’s one of her goals. They have a Facebook page: Deaf Women in Film.

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