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Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome. Today, we’re doing something a little fun! The Harry Potter Tag. I have a list of questions, I’ll be answering them, and that’s it, simple as that. Let’s go!

Favorite HP book? I would have to say either Goblet of Fire or Order of the Phoenix.

Least favorite book? I think maybe that would be Chamber of Secrets? I’m not sure, they’re all good in their own right.

Favorite movie? Prisoner of Azkaban. Easy. Alfonso Cuarón is a great director, Prisoner felt like it fit the book, fit the feeling of the book. Yeah, I’d pick Prisoner.

Least favorite movie? Does that mean the one I most don’t like or the one I wish they had done differently? I don’t know. I probably would say Phoenix or Half-Blood Prince. Prince was just a lot of green, really unnecessary green. Because Phoenix had a lot of scenes cut, and I mean a LOT. Prince was just a lot of green, I felt like they needed to tone down all the green.

Which movie would you remake? Like I just said, Phoenix had a lot of cut scenes. Phoenix is the one I would most want to change. Also maybe Goblet because while it was mostly good, the maze had a lot of parts cut out that I wish they’d left in. There are a few other scenes that left out or changed major details that I think should’ve been left the way they were.

What parts of the books or movies made you cry? I’m not a crier, not really a crier. So… Not cry, but feel sad, yes. Dobby’s death. I know everyone says that, but Dobby’s death did get to me. Also… Winky and her addiction problems. (You would know about this only if you’ve read the books.)

If you could hook up with one character, who and why? Honestly? I don’t know.

What would your Patronus be? I took the Pottermore quiz online, and I got a Tonkinese cat. Okay, I wasn’t really expecting that. However, if I could choose my own, I probably would choose either a wolf or an owl (specifically, a barn owl). I’ve loved those animals for my whole life, so there you go.

Favorite quote? I have a few, but one of the top ones for me is: “Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open.” Another favorite quote: “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” Both are from the same person, Albus Dumbledore, so there you go.

Which house would you be in? I’ve taken the Pottermore quiz for this as well, and it’s not really a secret. I’m a Ravenclaw! Most of the quizzes (Pottermore or otherwise) I’ve taken tend to be between either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. Though I tend to lean more towards Ravenclaw. I’m not surprised really. Hello? I’m obsessed with books, I love learning, and yeah.

Favorite Weasley? Molly. I love her. She’s an amazing woman. Both the character and the actor.

Favorite villain? Well. There aren’t really any apart from Voldemort and Umbridge. I am aware there are several others such as Bellatrix Lestrange but most of the other villains are followers of Voldemort.

If you could meet any member of the cast, who would you meet and why? Maggie Smith! Amazing woman! She acted while fighting cancer. That’s pretty badass. Plus, her character is one of my favorite characters.

Have you played any of the video games? Nope, I’m not a gamer by any definition of the word. I may occasionally play for fun, but that usually happens only if I’m at someone else’s place.

Do you like the end? Yes. I can accept it. To be clear, by end, we’re talking about the end of the books. That… Abomination that is Cursed Child is not part of this. No. Cursed Child is fanfic to me.

Richard Harris or Michael Gambon? I like both. Yes, I do kind of disagree with some parts of Gambon’s performance but overall, he was good. As for Harris, he did great for the two movies he was in. However, if he was in more movies, maybe it could be more of a fair comparison. But it was only two movies so it wouldn’t be fair to compare the two.

Favorite Hogwarts class? We’re supposed to pick? No. Sigh. Fine. If I ABSOLUTELY had to choose, I couldn’t pick just one. I would have to pick two. Charms and Transfiguration.

Which spell do you think would be most useful to learn? Aren’t they all useful? I think maybe I would learn a Summoning spell, just so I can summon things I need?

If you could bring one character back to life, who and why? I don’t think it’s really a good idea to bring back any of the dead.

Hallows or Horcruxes? What kind of question is that? Hallows, duh. Though I would want just the cloak, I don’t want anything else.

How much does HP mean to you? A lot. I actually refused to start reading the books in the first place. But my parents convinced me to just read the first book and if I didn’t like it, I didn’t have to read the rest. So I started reading and was in love. Really… I love Harry Potter. The stories/lessons, how JK masterfully wove the whole thing together, everything. Side note: I’ve been to HP at Universal Studios, both parks. That was pretty cool.

That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed this post and learned a little bit more about me, I guess? I don’t know. The next post may be a book post or an ASL Ponderings. I don’t know yet. We’ll see. And maybe a kinda travel vlog? I don’t know. You will see. Don’t forget to follow me on social media and subscribe to my YouTube! Patreon, ko-fi, all links in the video description! Thanks for reading, see you next time.

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