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Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome to day 8 of VEDIM! Today is World Red Cross or Red Crescent Day (because Muslims don’t necessarily use a cross). This is celebrated on May 8th. Obviously. This date was chosen to celebrate the birth of Jean Henri Dunant. He was born May 8th, 1828. He was the founder of the International Committee of the Red Cross, and was the first recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. The idea for this day was first introduced just after World War I finished. The Red Cross Truce was studied by an international commission to see if it would be possible to establish an annual and international celebration. It was, so they went ahead and proposed it then two years later, the first Red Cross Day happened in 1948. (While filming this, I kept wanting to say the 1800s, I don’t know why.) That is really it on the Wikipedia page, nothing much there. There’s not really anything online for this day, which I’m a little surprised at. For other days I can understand, like Space Day. I’m not surprised there’s not much about it. But I thought it would have more for Red Cross/Red Crescent Day, I guess not. So… That is all for today.

Ah yes, I want to add this. It’s not related to Red Cross/Crescent Day. Today is the beginning of Wildflower Week. All this week is celebrating wildflowers. So if you like flowers, I guess, woo? Flower week! I don’t know heh. Someone asked me if I’d heard about the language of flowers. (I have.) I might make a video out of that, but I’d definitely suggest you go check it out! Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading, and see you tomorrow.

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