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Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome to day 13 of VEDIM! Today is the 13th, which is not really anything special in the US, BUT it is in the Netherlands. Some other countries as well, but mainly the Netherlands. What is it? National Mill Day. It celebrates mills that the Netherlands is famous for. It’s not only windmills though, it’s also watermills. It’s an integral part of Dutch life. They used it for milling grains, or moving water from the lowlands so that they wouldn’t flood. They used to have more than 10,000 windmills in the Netherlands. Wow! That is a lot of windmills! They still have eight in Amsterdam right now. I’ve probably seen some of them because I went to Amsterdam last year. Windmills are pretty cool. On May 13th, 950 windmills open their doors for visitors, so people can go inside, see what it looks like inside the windmills, and the millers will sometimes let people do something with the windmill. That’s cool. Usually on that day, millers will make an effort to decorate them with flowers, make them pretty for that day. Sometimes the millers will give a tour of the mill and explain what type of mill it is, how it works and so on. Cool! If I go back to Amsterdam at the right time of the year, I wouldn’t mind doing a bike tour! They have a bike tour where you can just bike around and explore the mills. I think that’s pretty cool that they have a whole day just for celebrating mills.

So. Yeah. That is your post for today! For Sunday, it’s Mother’s Day, so I’m not sure if I will actually make a post/video for that day or take a break on that day. I will be with my family, my mom and grandparents. So… I may have a post/video, maybe not. Hope you enjoyed this really really short post. Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow. Maybe! Maybe tomorrow, maybe not.

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