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Hello and welcome to a book haul post! (I’m not even kidding.)

So, if you follow me on Instagram… (Hint hint!) You would’ve seen that my parents and I recently went and bought a lot of books. Now, I said recently. It probably will be several days ago by the time you see this video. We went the day after Thanksgiving, so… That gives you an idea of how late this post/video is. For those who don’t follow me, didn’t see the post, or don’t have an Instagram account, I’ll tell the story of what happened.

My mom knows someone who’s worked in the book business for over 20 years. And that person posted on their Facebook saying something like, “The booksellers just came to my house to buy books. They’re deciding what they want to buy, what they didn’t want. They’ve already come back several times.” This is because she has SO MANY books. I’m not even kidding.

You think the shelves I have behind me (in the video) is many, and the other book background I have is many? No. Look at the video here. That… It’s so beautiful. Now, those shelves are double deep. So that means there’s two rows of books. The shelves that I have aren’t. They CAN’T be double deep. But! The point is, she has a lot of books. A LOT. So, that person posted again and said that if anyone’s interested in coming and buying some books, feel free because the booksellers are still coming. My mom asked me if I wanted to go, just see if we can find anything. Uh, when would I say no to getting books? And when would I say no to getting cheap books? ($2 or less each book.) So of course, yesterday my family went and bought books. We were there for about a hour, a little more than a hour looking around, going through the books. I was in one room, my mom was in another. Now, I want to add something. That video you just saw? That is just the living room/front entry area. That’s it. In one of the bedrooms, she has a full wall with books double deep. Another bedroom has double deep shelves on one wall full of books. There’s more in the kitchen, kitchen/dining area. It’s seriously A LOT of books. She said she guesses she has around 5,000 books. My family’s like no, you have more than that. Probably way over, 10,000, maybe more. I don’t know. It’s a lot of books!

Three stacks of 28 books

I decided I wanted to do a book haul video because this probably is literally the only time that we will buy this many books at once ever. We got 28 books in total. I picked 18, my mom picked 10. I’m just going to give you a list of what the names are so you don’t have to squint to read them in the picture.

Carrier Arsenal Douglass, Keith
Bearing An Hourglass Anthony, Piers
Dead Body Language (deaf character in this one!) Warner, Penny
Thyme of Death Albert, Susan Wittig
Shadow Command Brown, Dale
Herb Guide, The Berk, Sally Ann
In Honored Glory Bigler, Philip
Honor and Duty Lee, Gus
Northwest Best Places Cookbook Vol. 2, The Nims, Cynthia C
Great Cooking Every Day Culinary Institute of America
Women Who Lived For Danger, The Binney, Marcus
IBM and the Holocaust Black, Edwin
Is It A Choice? Marcus, Eric
Lavender Lists Fletcher, Lynne Yamaguchi/Saks, Adrien
Summons, The Grisham, John
Obsession Kellerman, Jonathan
Profiles in Gay & Lesbian Courage Perry, Troy D/Swicegood, Thomas LP
Not Like Other Boys Shyer, Marlene Fanta and Christopher
No Second Chance Coben, Harlan
Innocent, The Coben, Harlan
Upstream Lion, Melissa
Story of General Dann and Mara’s Daughter, Griot and the Snow Dog, The Lessing, Doris
Mismatch Namioka, Lensey
Touchy Subjects Donoghue, Emma
Queer Reader, A Higgins, Patrick
Yamato Dynasty, The Seagrave, Sterling and Peggy
City of Friends LeVay, Simon/Nonas, Elisabeth
Lord of Snow and Shadows Ash, Sarah

The books in green are my mom’s books, and the rest are the ones I picked out. I got all of the blue books for free because they’re advance copies, so that was nice. I have a lot of queer books because when we arrived, she showed us where the books were. One room had a lot of LGBTQ+ books because one person that she knows had a whole collection of them, and they gave the books to her all at once. So she knew most of them were in that area. So I was like great! I looked in that section, that’s why I have quite a few.

If you’ll notice, I have several books about the military, war, history, etc. My mom has a couple too. We didn’t realize it until after we put them together, we were like, “Oh! You got a couple history books too!” That was funny. We do read a lot of the same things, so that is nice because I see some of her books that I want to read, and she sees some of my books that she wants to read. Thumbs up, that is good.

So that was our book haul of 28 books! I hope you enjoyed that, and saw some books you might be interested in reading. I don’t know. I’m hoping that I will actually enjoy all of these books. I think I will because a lot of them are authors that are good or books that I’m interested in the topic. We’ll see! Don’t expect anything about these books any time soon because I still have a whole stack of books in my room that I still need to read, I should get to those first. I won’t be going to the library for a while. Unless there’s a book that I really want to read like now! But other than that, I really doubt I will be going to the library any time soon. So that’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed.

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