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Seriously, I think my channel (and by extension, my website) is slowly becoming a BookTube channel. Because of today and two days ago, and then again this Wednesday so… Oops.

Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome to day four of Vlogmas and a BookTube video. So this is the BookTube About Me Tag. A friend of mine, Kathy Trithardt, did this recently on December 2nd. She is currently doing Bookmas, and she said, “If you haven’t done this and haven’t been tagged, go ahead and consider yourselves tagged.” So, I do. Also, like Kathy says in her video, it’s a good idea to have something that’s “about me” as an intro at the beginning of the month. Obviously, this is not actually the beginning of the month but… Close enough. I’m going to start the questions, only 10 so this should be short?

1. What do you study/what is your job?

Nothing. I graduated in 2015 with my BAS degree. I went to Europe for one year, for school. Then… I’ve been looking for a job since. If you know of any jobs in advocacy in general, or student affairs, please tell me. Help me!

2. What’s your favorite social media channel?

YouTube and Instagram. I can’t pick between the two because both are visual. One is in video form, one is in photo (and sometimes video) form.

3. If you had another channel, what would it be about?

I’m in the same situation as Kathy, my channel is me. I don’t make separations for specific content. This is only books, another channel for… I don’t feel the need for that. I know some of you follow me only for ASL Ponderings. I know some of you follow me only for queer videos. I know some of you follow me only for books. Some follow me for two things, or three, or everything I do. That… I don’t see a problem with that. I don’t feel the need to separate to focus on specific things. Part of that is because I have SO MANY different interests. It would not be a good idea if I had separate channels. Though… One possibility is if I ever decided I wanted to do more vlogs, like frequent vlogs. Going out, doing things, whatever. Maybe I would set up a separate channel for that, so it’s more laid-back on that one and then on my main channel it’d be more professional?

4. Do you play any musical instruments?

I know what you’re thinking right now. “He’s deaf, of course he’ll say no, he doesn’t play any.” Actually… I don’t play any NOW. But when I was young, like nine years old, eight? I went to my uncle’s wedding. They had a harp player there. Like a proper, big, nice harp. I was really fascinated by it. She let me play with it a little bit. And after that, we got me a small, kid’s harp. I was small, I didn’t need the big harp. So I did learn how to play it, because I depend on feel, I can feel if it’s low or high. I can feel the difference. So…I did learn how to play a little bit, I don’t remember anything now of course, but there you go. Also, in middle school, my best friend and I joined band. We played the drums. Drums are easy, I can feel them really well. I usually played bass drums, sometimes I played the snare, but mostly the bass. Oh. How could I forget? When I was 3 years old to third grade, I went to NorthWest School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children. It was a different name back then, but not the point. They insisted that – remember that this is an all-deaf school – we all learn how to play the recorder. Now, I’m sure you hearing people know the 2nd, 3rd grade class recitals of hearing classes. They don’t really sound that good. Now, try to imagine all of them deaf. Yeah, it wasn’t great.

5. What hobbies do you have other than reading?

There’s such a thing? No, I’m kidding. I like doing art of any kind. Watching waaaaay too much stuff for my own good.

6. Favorite TV shows?

Impossible! I watch too many shows to be able to pick a favorite few shows. No. So what I’ll do instead, I’ll pick genres: Science fiction. Crime. Fantasy.

7. What got you into reading?

My parents, no question. They started reading with me as soon as I was born.

8. What are your favorite and least favorite genres?

My favorite book genres are pretty much the same as TV show genres. BUT I will read almost anything. If you’ve followed me, or seen my BookTube videos, you will see the books I read are really diverse. So… Yeah, I have favorite genres but I don’t limit myself to those. My least favorite genre is romance. Now, don’t get me wrong. If a book has romance in it, that’s fine. But if the book is written with the whole purpose being romance, I… *groaning*

9. What books define your childhood?

Ha! I don’t even know how to answer this question. I read SO MANY books growing up. A few samples of what, really, I read repeatedly a lot growing up: Harry Potter. What Millennial doesn’t have that as their defining childhood book? Boxcar Children. That is definitely what started my whole crime fascination. AND the Hardy Boys. Magic Treehouse. I LOVED that series. It’s amazing. Yes, I realize that most of these are series, I can’t think of individual books right now.

10. Tell us an interesting fact about you!

I hate this question. It’s SO subjective. I guess this would be interesting to you. I was in several plays when I was younger. In 5th and 6th grade, we had Billy Seago (a well-known deaf person) come to our school and teach a week “course” of drama for elementary school kids. I enjoyed that. I was in the Boston Tea Party and Ferdinand the Bull. Those two were the main plays that I had a big role in. After that, when I was in 8th grade, I went to a literacy camp. And that year was the first year it started, the theme was The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I played Peter, the oldest brother. That was really fun, but interesting! I should add, all of the plays I’ve been in, the whole cast was deaf. So… That’s pretty different from working with hearing actors, which I never did. I did consider joining plays at my high school, but I didn’t because–for the same reason I didn’t join sports or any after-school activities because transportation would’ve been a pain to do, because I lived 30 minutes away from the school. Then when I was in college, RIT, I did think about trying out for some of their plays, NTID’s plays. I didn’t. I was too busy. Looking back, yeah, I kind of wish I had at least auditioned for a couple plays, but that’s life. Though…if the opportunity came up for me to get involved with a play, I might do it because…why not?

That is the end of the BookTube About Me Tag. I hope you learned some new things about me even though I’ve done a couple about-mes.

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