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Hello and welcome to Vlogmas day seven! I’m coming to you with a little bit odd post today. A person commented on my Disabled Online Interactions video, I’ll show it here.

comment.jpegBasically, the person is asking how do deaf people communicate in the winter? Can we understand each other with gloves? That kind of thing. Honestly… We don’t. No. Nonono I’m kidding, we do. But… I personally don’t really use gloves that often. I actually have ONE pair of gloves and I can’t find it. I have no idea where they are. I’ve been looking, I can’t find them. So I had to borrow from a box of my parents’ stuff. I would use gloves that are close to the skin, and not bulky at all. Flexible, warm enough, and…understandable. Fingered gloves is what we would use, if we wore gloves at all. As for me, my poor fingers suffer. Okay no, not really. I do have a lot of clothing that have warm pockets, so I will sign and put my hands in the pockets when I’m not talking.

I want to mention a comic from That Deaf Guy, below.


Another piece of winter clothing that I have seen deaf people wear instead of gloves is the sweater or shirt, whatever you call it, that’s a long-sleeve that goes up to your knuckles and has a hole for the thumb, so you can see your thumbs. So yeah, basically, deaf people don’t wear clothing (in general) that doesn’t accommodate our communication needs. I might have to steal the gloves I found from my parents. (The whole glove is capable of being used with touchscreens!)

Short and sweet today. Leave any questions, if you have them, below. And, that’s it!


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