Vlogmas Comes to an End

Video: https://youtu.be/4BjPdsTYgpQ

Hello, and welcome to Vlogmas day 24. And the final day for me. If you’ve been watching the whole month, thank you. If you just found me now, welcome! For those who are new, I do not normally do daily videos. Not at all! I do want to try to put myself on a semi-regular schedule…in the new year. But for now, I’m just going to enjoy myself in Alaska with family. By the time you see this, I probably will already be in the air, or about to take off. And I won’t be back home until a few hours before the new year, so… *shrugs*

If you are a Patron on my Patreon, you would have seen on my schedule for Vlogmas, I had a plan to do History of: Christmas. I changed my mind because…eh, I moved things around and it didn’t really fit anymore. And I thought to myself, why should I go forward with that when there’s already a video out there that’s fantastic. It’s from Adam Ruins Everything, I will link that here. It’s great, watch it.

During Vlogmas, I did have a few videos go up late, but I did do it, I made 24 videos for this month. I’m proud of myself.

Oh, and how could I forget? You might recall at the beginning of the month and in a recent video, I mentioned 12 Days of Christmas. Well, I’ll explain that now. I decided I wanted to challenge myself to do more art, because I don’t really do it spontaneously much. I’m trying to convince myself to do that more often. So I did Inktober, for 31 days of drawing in a row. I enjoyed that. I decided I wanted to do something a little bit more Christmas-themed. Thus, I’m doing 12 Days of Christmas, starting on the day of Christmas, the 25th, and going to January 5th. My vision is that I will do handlettering and drawing parts of the song, 12 Days of Christmas. Like, “On the first day of Christmas, they gave me a partridge in a pear tree.” We’ll see how that goes! I don’t know if I will do a video for that, maybe at the end when I’m finished with all 12 days, show them all at once. But I will be posting them on my Instagram, @shan_no_nosays.

I know this post is kind of all over the place, and pretty short, so I don’t know if this made any sense to you but… Again, thank you for watching, if you’ve been watching all 24 days of Vlogmas or if you just started. Maybe I will do this again next year? We’ll see! That’s it for Vlogmas. Thanks for reading.

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