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Hello and welcome! Today I want to talk about something I noticed while I was doing captions on my videos. When I saw it, I thought, “Hey that might be good for putting in ASL Ponderings.” So here you go!

I noticed this specifically when I was doing captions on my book videos. That specific thing I noticed made me realize, “Oh, yeah that’s a thing in ASL.” I’ll use the example of what I was captioning. I was talking about the graphic novel, Black Panther. In English, if you were describing a book you would say something like this: “This book is about a king who has a whole country, he has figure out his duties, his morals, making sure those don’t conflict, how he approaches that.” That’s how you would say it in English, pretty much. But in ASL, it’s different!

Often, I’ll be signing, and talking about a story, I will unconsciously just take on the role of whoever/whatever I’m describing. So, if I was signing it, it’d look something like this: “This book, Black Panther, is about a king who’s king of a whole country. I have to figure out my duties, my morals, taking care of my people, how I deal with that.” The difference in ASL is that I take on the role, I “become” the king. In ASL, when you describe something–a book, a story, a person–you’ll take on the role of that person, that story. You don’t just speak from the outside. You make yourself part of the story. I just thought that was a little interesting thing that a lot of people might not be aware of.

Yeah, I know this is a really short post, but I just wanted to throw that out for people who are learning ASL, and ask those who do sign, did you notice that? We do that all the time, we don’t even think about it, we just take on the roles. I guess that’s it for today, a lot shorter than I was expecting! Okay, cool. Let me know what you thought about this, and what do you want to see me do for videos coming up? I do plan to do my March books wrap up soon, it may be the next video, I’m not sure yet. What else?

Oh, yes! This weekend, I will be going down to Seattle for the Seattle Deaf Film Festival. I will be going only one day in the afternoon, Saturday afternoon. I did think about getting a weekend pass, but…. Eh. What I did buy tickets for is two things. The first ticket is for UK films. So there will be a music video, a comedy, a relationship thing–I don’t remember–and one I’m very excited about. The Silent Child, the one that just won an Oscar. I’m excited for that! Yes, all of them are in BSL. No problem for me, I’ll understand fine without captions. They will have captions of course, but it’ll just be nice to see something in a different language that I understand! The second ticket I bought is for Reverse Polarity, by DPAN. I’m really excited for that, I’ve been WAITING to see this. I MAY do a vlog, but I really doubt it. The point is, I’m going to Seattle for a deaf film festival. So! That is a thing that is happening. Okay, I’m going to cut myself off, because if I don’t, I’ll just ramble. Later!

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