End of Deaf Awareness Month

Video: https://youtu.be/nUo8KqvCueE

Today’s a short post!

I just wanted to close out Deaf Awareness Month, and it’s not Deaf Awareness Month if you don’t mention captions somehow. But because a lot of other people have already made really great videos, I’m not going to make my own. I will just link them.

Rikki has a couple. I will link them here and here. Jessica Kellgren-Fozard has a whole series that’s really fantastic. Four videos, I believe, that go really in-depth. Like, what are captions? How to use them, how to make them, what they should look like. All of that, the link to the first video is here.

Let’s just say that captions are really important to us deaf people, and they are pretty important to a lot of other people too. It’s not just deaf people who use captions. [heavy sarcasm] What a concept! Check out the videos I link. They will answer all of your questions about captions.

I just want to say thank you for watching my videos, if you have been. And if you haven’t, I’ll link my own playlist here. If you haven’t already subscribed, what are you doing? Subscribe!

If you don’t feel satisfied with Deaf Awareness Month videos, I will link my previous playlists here (2017) and here (2016). And go check them out. I have more variety. Some are about history, some about the deaf community, some about ASL. Whatever. Check it out.

I think that’s all I wanted to say really. Next month is Queer History Month, so I will be making several videos for that month. Look forward to that. Subscribe if you want to see those! Also, push the bell if you want to know when I post a video. Okay, I’m going to stop talking now. I’m going to let you go watch all of those videos I mentioned.

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Hello there! I'm Rogan, a queer deaf guy who has a passion for leadership and advocacy. I create YouTube videos about a lot of different topics - being deaf, queer, reading, language, and whatever else interests me!

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