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Ready for a week full of trans stuff?

Trans logo 80%.pngHello and welcome! Yesterday, the 12th, was the start of Trans Awareness Week, and it’ll continue until the 19th. November 20th is Trans Day of Remembrance to remember all those who have been murdered because of transphobia and remind people of the continued violence towards the trans community. To start off this week, I want to do a spotlight on other trans people who are activists, who create content about being trans, or just are amazing people. Before going into names, I want to be clear that this is definitely NOT an exhaustive list. There are SO MANY trans creators out there, I can’t possibly get them all. I will be sharing the ones that I watch/follow on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Please leave more in the comments! I can always use more in my feed.

I’ll start with some YouTubers I regularly watch, and they all have captions. Sometimes it’ll take a couple days before they’re up, but the videos are always eventually captioned. Most of these YouTubers also have Twitter and/or Instagram, so if you prefer those platforms, look them up!

1 Jackson.jpgJackson Bird. He started off doing a “Will It Waffle?” series. Now, he hasn’t done one in a while. Most of his videos now are about trans topics or books. He also has a podcast that recently came back for a second season, I think? Transmission, I don’t know much about it because I don’t listen to it for obvious reasons.

2 Chase.jpgChase from uppercasechase1. His channel is basically all trans stuff. He has a series that’s about sex toys. But he also has a Trans 101 series that is FANTASTIC. It’s for trans people, questioning, cis people who just want to learn more. It’s fantastic. Definitely check it out.

3 Kat.jpgKat Blaque. Her videos are mostly political, she talks about trans stuff and race, and the intersection of that. A lot of things.

4 Riley.jpgRiley J. Dennis. Again, their videos are pretty political, but they’re so well researched. She will always have a lot of facts in their videos. It’s fantastic.

5 Ash.jpgAsh Hardell. They have Twitter too, they post on that often. On YouTube is… *fantastic.* He talks about very diverse things, talking about the ABCs of the queer community. They also talk about her recent transition, and he also wrote a book, The ABCs of LGBT+. This is fantastic. Really. It’s fantastic. You can either buy that or I believe you can find it free in some places. Which is nice.6 QKS.jpg

Queer Kid Stuff. This is a series that focuses on helping young kids understand queer topics, like being trans, being gay, a lot of different things. It’s really cool.

Switching to Twitter now. I will just give you names, but I will talk more about two specific ones, when we get there. I will leave all of their handles below so you can find them.

  • Monica Roberts
  • Tiq
  • Chella Man
  • Aaron Ansuini
  • Carlisle Robinson. They’re a deaf transmasculine queer artist. And they do great stuff, I definitely suggest you check out their work. They have a website, I will link that here.
  • Dominick Evans
  • Britton, ze is deaf. I would suggest you follow zir on both Twitter and Instagram.
  • August. Again, I would suggest you follow on both Twitter and Instagram. They did the drawings for this book, and I really appreciate it because they included a lot of diversity in those illustrations of people. A lot of diversity in disability. Deaf, wheelchair, amputee, and so on. It’s really fantastic.
  • Kaitlyn Alexander
  • Chandler Wilson

For any people that I may think of after I make this video, or if people leave them in the comments, I will add their links below.

ABCs of LGBT+ fixed name.pngTo close this video, I want to give you a few resources that may be helpful to you or other people. I already mentioned the fantastic book that is The ABCs of LGBT+, and I recommend this because it has a lot of information. Not just about gender, trans stuff, it has a lot of information about sexualities, identities, whatever. The gender section in this book is roughly a third of the book. So… Definitely a lot of gender information in this. (Editor note: I “fixed” the author’s name to actually match his name.)

10 Trans HistoryTransgender History. It covers trans history from the mid-20th century to 2008ish. A lot of different things. It also looks at how feminism and the trans community intersected or conflicted. And a lot of… Big trans events, things that happened in relation to the trans community. It’s great.

12 Gender OutlawsGender Outlaws: The Next Generation. This… YES. I want the next one already. This is an anthology of a few different stories of trans people and their experiences, that they wrote, talking about their experiences. It’s really diverse, *fantastic.*

Guide to Gender.jpgA Guide to Gender. This is really more of a primer for those who really don’t know much about gender, still new to the community, trying to understand. I have the physical book, but it’s also available for free online. Really nice.

Quick easy guide they:them.jpgLast, and my most recent purchase for books, A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns. It’s really thin, but has great information. It’s a comic, it’s fantastic. It was co-written by a genderqueer artist and a cis guy, who told his side of things. I think this is fantastic, and something that will be a really good resource for people who are struggling with these pronouns.

And that’s it for my first video of Trans Awareness Week! I hope you found some new people to watch, some new resources to read. Let me know if there’s any things that you think I should know about in the comments below. Maybe not just me, but other people too.

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