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Welcome to Vlogmas day one!

Hello and welcome to my November book wrap up, which happens to also be Vlogmas day one. I wasn’t really planning on doing Vlogmas, but popular vote said yes, so you get Vlogmas videos from me! Before I go ahead with the wrap up, I want to say I’m taking ideas for Vlogmas videos, what you want to see me do this month. And preferably short, easy ideas. Not ones that will require a lot of research and things like that. Leave them in the comments.

Let’s get into the books. The first one I read this month: A Quick and Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns. This is literally what the title says. It’s written by two people, a genderqueer artist and a cis man. They wrote both perspectives. People who use these pronouns, and the cis perspective, learning how to use these pronouns. It’s a great resource for anyone who may be struggling a little bit with understanding how to use they/them as a singular pronoun. Or just trying to understand why people want to use these pronouns. The book is a small, thin book. Really easy, quick read. It’s in a comic format, so even faster to read!

The second book I read this month is Ship It. This is ADORABLE. This has a lot of parallels with Geekerella. One, this is associated with cons. Two, it’s from two perspectives. One is Claire, a sixteen-year-old teen girl who is obsessed with her favorite TV show, Demon Heart. And she ships the two main characters as gay, and in love with each other. The second perspective is Forest, an actor on Demon Heart, and he wants bigger roles. He doesn’t agree with many people saying yeah, his character is gay, because he’s not. Definitely not. At a con, Claire asks, “so are your characters gay?” And Forest responds negatively, so it becomes a PR nightmare. And Claire is heartbroken, of course. So the rest of this is a wild journey of bumping into each other at cons, and tension, maybe becoming friends? This is a great story, it is so geeky and it’s fantastic. I just love it and would recommend it to anyone.

Next book I read was Little & Lion. It’s about siblings. Little’s actual name is Suzette, and Lion’s actual name is Lionel. Suzette just got back from boarding school, where she’s been for a few months. When Suzette gets home, she’s unsure where her relationship is with her brother, because her brother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and that’s when she was sent away to the school. They’re trying to figure out their issues and solve them, but things come up that make that even more difficult. This is a really good book to read, it’s sometimes a little difficult to get through because it touches on bipolar disorder and how that can really affect families and friends. But overall, I thought this was a fantastic book so I definitely recommend that.

The next book I read took my heart and crushed it. They Both Die at the End. This is a world where people get a call telling them they will die. Mateo and Rufus are both looking for a new friend on their End Day, for different reasons. They meet through an app, Last Friend, and decided to live a lifetime in one day together. Adam Silvera is so good at making you feel ALL the feels. This was fantastic but if you’re looking for a happy book, this is not it.

After that heart-crushing story, I finished reading Skyscrapers. The book is actually vertical like the image, to best show the pictures of the skyscrapers. It’s what it looks like, a book about skyscrapers. This was published in 1996, so a little bit old, but all of the information in this is still mostly accurate. It basically just gives you the history of that building, why it was built maybe, a little bit about the person who built it, little trivia. It’s really cool, I enjoy that kind of stuff. So this book, I enjoyed it. If you love architecture, if you love just learning about history, this is a good read.

The last book I finished this month was Dead Body Language. It follows Connor Westphal, a journalist who moved to a small town because she wanted to set up a newspaper and go, see from there. This is one of those…cheap novels that come out once a month or something. So it’s not my usual book. I read this, the main reason why is that Connor is deaf. This is really a murder mystery story, so that’s another reason why I read it. I thought it was interesting how they showed sign language. It was… Eh. It was written in the 90s sometime, so a lot of outdated information in it. Overall, it’s alright. Not something I would read again, or continue the series of.

That’s it for my November books. Let me know if you’ve read any of these, or want to read any of these down below. Also, don’t forget to let me know what ideas I should do for Vlogmas!

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