My Favorite Queer YouTubers | Vlogmas Day 13

Hello and welcome to Vlogmas day 13. Today, I want to tell you a few of my favorite queer YouTubers. This is actually almost of them (the ones I didn’t include are ones who don’t caption). All of the people I mention in this video generally are good with captions. Sometimes, they will take a few days to get captions up. Sometimes it’s on the day of upload. But generally, they will have captions within a week or so. I’m going to go through, tell you a little bit about them, what their channel is about, whatever. Now, in no particular order:

Chase Ross, his channel name is uppercaseCHASE1. His channel talks about different trans topics.

Annie Elainey. They talk about a lot of different things: gender, body image, disability, queerness, and so on. Really good stuff, check them out for sure.

Taylor Behnke. Her channel name is ItsRadishTime, and the channel is about telling stories. It may be about her childhood stories. It may be inspired by the world around her. It’s really well-told, I really enjoy watching her videos.

The Princess and the Scrivener. It’s a channel run by two amazing people, Paige and Sarah. They make videos about Disney, intersectional feminism, pop culture critiques, and more!

Jackson Bird. He talks about queer topics, books, and he has a fun series called “Will It Waffle?”

Rikki Poynter. Her content is about deaf awareness, accessibility, captioning awareness, mental health, and more.

Rowan Ellis. Many of her videos are about pop culture from a queer and feminist perspective.

Kathy Trithardt. She’s a BookTuber, and she reads a lot of queer lit.

Ash Hardell. They talk about being queer and trans, but he also talks about random things, just because she can. (Yes, the pronouns are right.)

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard. She is a literal Disney princess. Her channel has a lot, vintage stuff, videos with her wife. They are just so cute together. She talks about disability, chronic illness, and so on.

Adriana, channel name perpetualpages, is a BookTuber, and they read a lot of queer lit. They do a lot of in-depth analysis on books and why it’s a good reason to read this specific book. It’s fantastic.

Riley J. Dennis. They do a lot amazing videos that are so well-researched, very educational, political. They talk in-depth about politics and often that will be how politics relates to LGBTQ topics.

Ahsante the Artist. Her goal is to help people move consciously and creatively through life. All of her stuff is SO creative. I’m like… I want more stuff like that. It’s beautiful.

Lucas, channel name Monsieur Wild, makes videos about being deaf, disabled, queer.

That’s my list for today. I probably missed a few, but that’s okay. I will also add that a few of these people are doing Vlogmas right now, so their captions might be inconsistent because, well, Vlogmas. But it should go back to normal after Vlogmas finishes.

If there are any queer YouTubers you think I should check out, let me know down below! Oh, and also, let me know if they do caption or not. If you want to ask me any last-minute questions before I film my Q&A tonight, do that down below. And that’s it for this Vlogmas video.

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