Failed Vlog and Travel Plans? | Vlogmas Day 16

A lot of traveling. I’m looking forward to that!

Hello and welcome to Vlogmas day 16. Today, my vision was a vlog of my day, because I actually went down to Seattle for an event with PSAD (Puget Sound Association of the Deaf). An all-day thing. I arrived in the afternoon, and stayed there until evening. And… I thought, vlog! Why not? Well. This is what I got.

Literally just three very short clips: me working on captions for Vlogmas day 15, walking on the sidewalk under a lighted roof, and driving down a street with Christmas lights on the trees.

… Yeah, so I clearly didn’t vlog anything. When I arrived, I said hello to my friends, and just… Kind of forgot? I need to do something for Vlogmas. I’m not going to just end and say that’s the vlog. So I thought I would talk a little bit about my mostly-set plans for January.

January 1st, I probably will go to Seattle. Friends are getting together to watch the Rose Bowl. It will be interesting, because the person who’s hosting it is from Ohio. So their home state team is the Buckeyes. And… They’re competing against the UW Huskies. That will be interesting. (We all love each other very much, just going to be fun teasing the host with a house full of huskies.)

The next day, January 2nd, I will be going to Portland to visit my best friend for a couple days. I may meet up with some other people too, I don’t know.

After a couple days, I will be going to Salem, Oregon. The last time I went there (relatively recently) was for work. It was a full week of work, I had no time to even explore the city or the area or whatever. So this time, I’m going just for having fun. And also, going to TEDxSalem. I’ll be going to that, then hanging out in Salem for a few days. I’m looking forward to that.

Then back home for for a while until January 17th. That day, I will be flying down to San Leandro to work a little bit, then down to LA for a couple weeks. At the end of that two weeks, work again for a while. I’m looking forward to that too, because LA for two weeks, staying at a friend’s place, visiting other friends, just having fun. I’m looking forward to doing things that I didn’t have the time or chance to do last time!

So that’s my January plans. A lot of traveling. I’m looking forward to that! Let me know if there’s anywhere in Portland, Salem, or LA that I should check out while I’m there. I’ve already been to The Last Bookstore, Powell’s too obviously, I probably will visit again. So that is done, checked, already been there. What about other places? It doesn’t necessarily have to be in town. Accessible by metro or public transportation would be great.

I think that’s it for today’s video. We’re approaching Christmas really fast!

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