Round 3 Announcement! | Queer Lit Readathon

It’s baaaack!

Hello and welcome! I’m so excited to be doing round three of the Queer Lit Readathon. This is a readathon that I co-host with my friend, Kathy Trithardt. We do this twice a year, in June and December. In this video, I’ll be telling you the who, what, and when. Who the guest co-host is for this round, what this is and what goes down in this readathon, and when it happens.

I’ll tell you when first, so you can go ahead and put it on your calendar as you watch this video. This readathon will run from June 2nd – 8th, starting at midnight in your own timezone or wherever you feel like being for this readathon. All the hosts will have our TBRs up on May 17th, so you can read some of the same books as us if you wish!

As I’ve already mentioned, my co-host is the fantastic Kathy Trithardt. When we choose our guest co-host, we have two main criteria: they’re a queer BookTuber, and they caption all their videos. If you fit this, please let us know below for consideration! For me, accessibility is important, not just so my people can understand, but for people who may not have English as their first language, people who read better than they listen, or just when you’re trying to watch our videos at work. *wink wink finger guns* If you don’t generally caption your videos, I’d love it if you at least captioned your TBR videos, so I can see what wonderful books you’re reading! Our guest co-host this round is the wonderful Yvette from BookCave, and I’m excited to have her joining us! She helped us decide on what challenges we’d do this round, and she picked the group read.

Now let’s talk about what this readathon is all about. Queer books. That’s it. We’re done here.

Just kidding, we still have the challenges to go through. We have 16 challenges, set up on this bingo board. You can do whatever you want with it. You can make a bingo, fancy patterns, or go for a blackout. Of course, you are allowed to use the same book for multiple challenges. Going for a blackout would be very difficult otherwise! I’m hoping to do that this time around, I almost succeeded last round. The challenges are as follows:

See Yourself – Read a book in which you share a trait with the protagonist. That doesn’t necessarily have to be identity-based. If you like painting, and they do too, that works. But remember, all the books must be queer in some way. The next challenge is the Group Read, and Yvette chose the book for this, We Set the Dark on Fire. That is just a gorgeous cover! This is a dystopian story that includes rebellion, spying, and forbidden love. I’m here for it. Next, a queer AF challenge, Rainbow Cover. Read a book that has a cover that is one of the colors of a rainbow. But if you find a book that is literally a rainbow, go for it! Next is a fun one, Choose Your Own Category, basically a free space. Just tell us what it is in your TBR! Let’s go through some quickly now. #ownvoices, Non-fiction, New Author – either written by a new author, or one that’s new to you. Disabled main character, Translated Novel, Graphic Novel, Trans spec MC – a book with a trans main character. I want to emphasize here that we’re using trans as an umbrella term which includes non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid, and the multitude of humans that are not cisgender. Next, we want you to read a book written by a POC author, or a book that has a POC main character, or both. Middle Grade, Historical Fiction, Sci-fi or Fantasy, and Book Rec – Read a book recommended to you by one of us. Or a friend, but you can consider us friends. I have a Queer Lit Recs video, Kathy also has a playlist of A-Z Queer Lit Recs, and Yvette has a few as well, those will be linked on my webpage.

And that is all 16 challenges. If you’re stuck on finding a book for any particular challenge, ask us! Our brains are full with plenty of recommendations. You can also follow us, @queer_lit on both Twitter and Instagram, where we’ll be doing some Twitter sprints and chats. We post queer things year-round on both of them, so you can get quality queer content all the time! Whenever you post anything for this readathon, you can use #queerlitread so we can find you more easily and enjoy your posts as well.

All of this information is on my webpage here in text form, which will be linked below! I think I’ve covered everything, so that’s it for today. Let me know what book you’re most excited to read down below.

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