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Finally, a new ASL Ponderings!

Hello, and welcome back! This is my third context video, I’ll link the other two here and here. When I was looking at my list for different context words, I realized that a lot of them are actually different ways of expressing the same concept in ASL. So I think that still falls under context. What this series has been so far, including the words I have for you today, is English words that have multiple meanings and require different ASL signs to express it correctly. So I think from now on, I’ll also be doing variations on how to express the same concept in ASL, to give you an idea of how flexible ASL can be depending on the situation. I have two main context concepts for you today, so let’s just start. Editor’s note: This whole topic is very dependent on the visuals, so it’s best seen as sign. However, I’ve done ASL gloss, so that’s what will be shown below.

First, read.

I’m reading that book. [I CURRENT READ:2 THAT BOOK]

I’ve read that article. [I FINISH READ THAT ARTICLE]

He’s reading that newspaper. [HE READ:2 THAT NEWSPAPER NOW]

That person’s hard to read. [THAT PERSON LOOK-AT HARD UNDERSTAND]

Second, have.

I have the boxes. [I HAVE BOXES]

I have that book. [I OWN THAT BOOK] You can also use I have that book, depending on what kind of “have” you mean. You own it, say that you own that book. Or I have, it could mean that you borrowed from a friend, or the library, or…

I have to do that assignment. [I NEED DO THAT ASSIGNMENT]

I haven’t picked up the package. [I NOT-YET GO GET BOX]

I already have it. [I FINISH HAVE] This is similar to the first one, and is usually used as a response to someone asking.

That’s it for today. I hope that made sense. If you have any questions, leave them down below. If you think of other contexts, maybe ones that you struggle with, or notice ASL students struggling with, let me know below. Of course, any other ASL-related questions, leave them! And, that’s it.

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