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This is a vlog, so transcript will be a rough description of the videos in-between the talking.

[An open book, a page is turned.]

Hello! This is vlog number two, hopefully.

I’ve been reading all morning, I finished Unbroken: 13 Stories Starring Disabled Teens. That’s finished, now I’m starting on Cantoras. I really like it so far. It’s historical fiction, set in Uruguay. I was reading all day because I got up, thinking that I need to read for the Queer Lit Readathon. Then also, I remembered that I have sprints from noon to 2pm, so I was like oh, I’ll do that too. So I was reading for almost four hours. I’m taking a break now, I’m going to get lunch. Food would be good. I was thinking about what do I want to do…? gasp Today’s Tuesday. Taco Tuesday. I have a local place, I will show you, their tacos are the best. Taco Tuesdays are $1 tacos. Yes! After that, I will be filming a video for today, December 3rd. This is really confusing. Anyway. I will be filming that, hopefully editing and uploading all of it today. And…we’ll see.

[Walking beside a car, opening the door, getting in and starting it. View out of the front window, driving down a hill. Going down a main street in a small town, the trees have Christmas lights wrapped around them. Walking up to a restaurant that has vivid colors in red and yellow, called La Catrina. A panning video, showing the sugar skulls with Santa hats on, ending on a large portrait of a woman dressed for Dia de Muertos. Eight tacos on a plate, two of each kind. Driving on the highway, it’s dark out. Next video is me walking and talking.]

Hello! It’s been a little bit busy. Last night, I arrived in Seattle, staying the night because I worked this morning at 9AM. So, I didn’t want to deal with Seattle traffic in the morning. Nope. I stayed at a place that’s very close to where I worked, so sure! I planned to finish my captioning for my wrap up last night, the Sept-Oct wrap up last night, but… It didn’t work, because it’s a lot of captions. A fifteen-minute long video, so fine. It’s fine. It’s fine. I will walk to–I worked this morning, just finished. I finished work a while ago, but I was actually chatting with my co-workers. I was like okay, okay, really, I need to go now. Leave.

I’m going to Espresso Vivace right now. I will be working on captions for the wrap up, finish that, upload it. Then I will edit this vlog. I will just end here, because the rest of today is… I’m volunteering tonight for a class, I won’t be filming for reasons. And it’s 5-7, so… I don’t want to wait that long to add, edit, upload, and do captions. And anyway, after that class finishes, I will be meeting my best friend for drinks. So yeah, I’m just going to end the vlog here today. I may film some and put it in the next vlog. We’ll see. I hope you enjoyed this vlog, and I’m not doing too badly, I think for Vlogmas. But we’ll see how long I keep this up.

[Walking into a coffee shop. Next video is me sitting in the coffee shop and talking.]

I know. I said I would work on captions, but actually no. I’m going to read a little bit before, because right now, I’m supposed to be running Twitter sprints for the readathon from 12-2. Well… That hasn’t been going very well today, because I was chatting with my co-workers and having lunch with one friend. I did try to tweet, but time was pff So… I’m going… I just sat down, I have my coffee, I have my chocolate chip cookie, I’m going to be reading Cantoras. I’m really enjoying it so far. I’m reading that until 2, then I’ll focus on the captions. And editing this vlog.

[A cup of coffee and a cookie, panning up to show an open book.]

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