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A huge portion of this video is of me doing things.

[Video panning around an A-frame gingerbread house on a plate. Rogan’s logo. Editing captions for the previous vlog. At night, a tube-like structure made out of willow branches all twisting around and inside itself, lit up with changing colors, it’s slowly rotating. Trees are covered in what looks like dense spiderwebs with moving colors projected on it. A book, one page is turned. A hand grabbing a coffee mug, putting some syrup in, pushing down a French press, pouring coffee into the mug, grabbing the mug and walking to a couch, sitting down, picking up a book and opening it, reading. Rogan sitting in a car.]

I’m parked right now, I’m not driving. I just finished the book, Cantoras. The ending is really good, really touching. I definitely recommend that book, for sure! Right now, I’m going to the library to pick up a book that I was just told is available. Yes! Full Disclosure. I was really hoping to get that book this week, and I did. So I will see if I can read that, finish it before tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

[Timelapse of driving. Feet walking on concrete, opening a door, walking onto a doormat. Walking and holding out two books, showing both covers. Timelapse of driving. Rogan is in their room.]

Okay, I’m home. I’m really glad that I was able to get Full Disclosure, because that covers three challenges. So that makes it easier. I think I can start and finish it before the end of the readathon.

The Hidden Witch is the second book. I was really confused for a while because I looked on my library’s website. I saw they had it, perfect, so I put a hold on it. I got an email from the library, saying “hey, your hold for The Witch Boy is ready.” No, that’s not the book I put a hold on. So I checked my account, and it says Witch Boy. I was confused. I know I put a hold on The Hidden Witch, not The Witch Boy. So I’m like, what’s happening? I went ahead and searched for The Hidden Witch, a search, it’s not even showing up on the library website. I’m like no, I swear I saw it there. What? Okay, whatever. I canceled my hold. I went to pick up Full Disclosure just today, and I decided I’d check the shelves, just because. Went over and looked, there’s The Hidden Witch. Okay… I took it, checked the website, sure enough it’s not there. Okay, I wrote it down and let the librarian know that I think there’s something wrong with the tech side, or whatever, because it’s not showing up and it’s here. Weird. Okay. I went to check out, a self check out. Scanned The Hidden Witch, what came up was The Witch Boy. Ah. Somehow, the barcode went wrong or the label or something, I don’t know. So I told the librarian to come over, showed them. They were like, ah! Thank you for telling us, we’ll let them know to fix the problem. But I’m just glad I actually got those books because it means I can finish? my readathon, I think. So, perfect! I’ll take that!

I’m going to end the vlog here today, so I can actually edit and upload it in time. Right now, I am running the Twitter sprints from 4 to 6pm. So… I need to read or go do things. I’m just going to end. Thanks for watching, see you tomorrow!

[Two clips of some pages from The Hidden Witch. End.]

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