"A Christmas Carol" Book Tag | BookTube | Vlogmas

https://youtu.be/TpbJl1puoR0 0:00:00.780,0:00:03.000This is what happens when you don't plan ahead. Hello, and welcome to Vlogmas day 19! Today, I will be doing the "A Christmas Carol" Book Tag created by Lauren Wade. I was tagged to do this by Anna, we recently co-hosted the Queer Lit Readathon together. I have the questions here by me. … Continue reading "A Christmas Carol" Book Tag | BookTube | Vlogmas

Captioning in Theaters | Deaf Awareness Month

https://youtu.be/EFMGOyiY9Cg Open captions, OC for short, are king. Today, for Deaf Awareness Month, I wanted to talk about different methods of captioning in theaters. The worst method is Rear Window Captioning, abbreviated to RWC. The way it works is you put it in the cup holder, there's a rod/bendy arm, and a large piece of … Continue reading Captioning in Theaters | Deaf Awareness Month

Religion and the Deaf Community

https://youtu.be/9PvzNYS1dlo *sighs* This is going to be interesting. Hello, I'm Rogan and welcome. Today, as you probably already know from the title, I want to talk a little bit about the religious community and the deaf community. Their…slightly strained relationship over time. I'm not going back to discuss about monks and their sign language and-- … Continue reading Religion and the Deaf Community