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This is a vlog, so transcript will have a rough description of the videos in-between the talking.

[opening with Rogan in the living room]

Hello! I think this is the start of the next vlog, but honestly, I don’t know anymore. I’m just going with it and posting when I can, when whatever works. Anyway.

Right now, I’m getting ready to go to Seattle. I will go to Seattle, work a little bit, then meet up with friends to go looking at a thrift clothing store. I don’t think I will buy anything, but… Who knows? I may find something that I really, really like. We’ll see. After that, we’ll have dinner then go to a deaf event, DNO. Deaf Night Out, it’s usually the first Saturday of every month. I may try to vlog a little bit, because Gameworks, where DNO is this month, is an arcade place, so… We’ll see. We’ll see. And yeah, I need to get serious and go now.

[Rogan puts on their coat and messenger bag, grabs his travel coffee mug and water bottle, reaches for the phone covering the camera. Hand comes away from camera, walking toward a door, grabbing keys from a hook on the wall, opening the door and closing it. Moving forward looking at the wet concrete, rocks and plants passing by. Legs wearing dark blue jeans and teal shoes walking around a corner. Next is Rogan walking and signing.]

The other day, when I went to Espresso Vivace for work, I overlooked and didn’t notice it. Then on my way back to my car, I noticed it, and I realized that it’s in my previous vlog, I checked, and I can see it in my previous vlog. It’s a bookstore called Quest Bookstore. I haven’t been in there, I didn’t even know it was there, so I will be going there now. Checking it out, I’m curious.

[Walking and looking at a storefront, books displayed in the window, some Christmas decorations, a big sign that reads QUEST BOOKSHOP. Slow pan of many books on shelves. Rogan is standing outside, signing.]

Okay, now I understand why I’ve never heard of it before, or actually gone in before. I went in, ohh! It’s a very specific kind of books. It’s all like, spiritual books, like tarot, witchery, yoga, mental… Meditation, that kind of thing. Buddhist philosophy, that kind of thing. It’s very spiritual, definitely a spiritual bookstore. So that’s why I’ve never heard of it before. I’ve never had reason to actually look for that kind of book. So, okay. Now I know. Check.

[Cup of coffee, chocolate croissant, panning up to a hand holding an open book. Rogan standing in front of a wall in their room.]

Future Rogan here! I mentioned that I would go to a thrift store with friends. I completely forgot to film anything, because I was too busy looking for a friend, and ended up looking for some things for myself. I got a few things that I want to show you. All of them are button short-sleeved shirts.

The first one. I LOVE the pocket.

The second one looks like it has paint splatters, but still, I really like it.

(The image makes the splatters look a bit off-white, but they’re actually straight up white on a black shirt.)

And then my personal favorite, my friend found it, went oooh! Then realized it was too big for her partner. Then I asked her what size? She told me, and yes that’s my size, mine! I love it. I love it. After shopping for clothes, we went out for dinner.

(Not the greatest picture, but it’s the best I can do right now. It’s a hot pink on a very dark blue shirt.)

[Three glasses of beer tap together in a cheers.]

After eating, we went to Gameworks. It’s an arcade, it also has a bar and restaurant. I was going all over, it was a lot more fun than I expected. I really enjoyed myself. I don’t mind going again some day, but I think it would be better with a small group. Not an event like DNO, because DNO… It’s a lot of people, but really, this place is intended for playing games. So… I don’t know. I still had fun. So… After that is the next day, so I’m going back to past me.

[Rogan standing in the living room again, different shirt from the beginning of the video.]

I’m going to the library soon, because I need to return books that I had for the Queer Lit Readathon, and some I got just to read before. And I have a couple that I will be reading, hopefully finishing soon. But yeah. [shows stack of 7 books] It’s a lot. Most are graphic novels, so that was easy to get through quickly. I will be talking about those in my November wrap up. I think that will be tomorrow. I think. I don’t know what days are anymore. I just try to make a video every day. *chuckling*

[Blue sky with clouds, sun is just starting to set, edging the clouds with a light orange-yellow color.]

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