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[Looking out of a window, very dense fog, a few trees barely visible. Rogan’s logo. A cup of coffee and YouTube is playing. An empty boardwalk, all the light posts have Christmas lights winding up them and are glowing because of dense fog, a large pole with metal sculptures of animals going up it lit up almost from the inside. Editing a video.]

Hello, welcome to Vlogmas day 10. It’s really, really short. I didn’t really film anything yesterday, because I was working on video editing, filming, meeting–I had a meeting. And today, day 10, I had work for about six hours, so… Okay, I don’t really have time to film anything, so this is it, a really short vlog!

I want to mention, that fog you saw – the first clip was in the morning, and the second one was obviously at night. Wow, I haven’t seen fog that dense in… A long time. It’s normally not that dense, and it tends to fade and become less dense by the afternoon. But this continued to be really dense all day. I don’t see that often.

I know today’s not really that exciting, but hopefully I will have better days upcoming. This weekend, I’m doing a few things, so hopefully I’ll remember to vlog. I guess I’m just going to end, so thanks for watching, see you tomorrow.

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