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[Driving down a tree-lined road. The side of an apartment building covered in very bright and colorful flowers. Boomerang of a knife chopping up ginger, text reads “Making our own ginger beer! Let’s see how this turns out *heart eyes emoji*. Boomerang of a metal cup, brown liquid inside being stirred, text reads “First, make the ginger syrup.” Video of a hand closing up a very large bottle, text reads “Put the other ingredients (lemon juice, water, yeast) in, shake, and seal for two or three days until there’s fizz! I will check in and let y’all know how it goes!” Next video is Rogan in their room, talking.]

What you just saw was me making ginger beer. I’m excited! We have to leave it to ferment, let the yeast grow for three days. So I’ll be going back on Saturday for trying, tasting it. Fingers crossed it turns out well. If it does, we wouldn’t mind making more. And I just talked with the person I made it with, and we wouldn’t mind making our own starter. We didn’t even think about that, the probiotic side of ginger beer. You can do a starter like komboucha and that kind of thing. You can make your own for ginger beer, so we may do that. We’ll see. While we were getting things ready for the ginger beer, we needed to squeeze lemons. And… I accidentally broke their lemon squeezer. They said, oh it’s fine, it’s cheap. But still! I felt bad, we ended up having to squeeze it the old-fashioned way. Squeezing it by hand.

[Brief black. Rogan again, but with a dark blue coat on now.]

I feel like most of my vlogs so far, I’ve either gone to the library to pick up books, or gone to drop off. Well, today I’m doing both. I’m going to both of my libraries, one will be just picking up a book on hold. The other will be dropping off and picking up. So maybe this time, I will actually show you the libraries.

[Walking with a couple books, putting them into the library return slot, panning to show a very high-ceilinged room dotted with shelves and people. Rogan standing in front of shelves.]

I realized that I may have to explain the reason why I have two libraries, so. Obviously, my local, home library, which I will be going to after this one… Mount Vernon, that’s the one I grew up going to all the time, I love that library. They’re obviously my local library. It has a partner program with other libraries in the county, because we don’t have a, like, inter-county library system like Seattle, which has King County. You can borrow from any library, and return to any library. We don’t have that here, it’s a small, farm area. So, the partner program means I can go to the Burlington library, tell them that I want a card for this library, I have one at Mount Vernon. Fill out information, get a card, so… I have two library cards. That’s really the reason why I have two libraries. It’s nice, because small libraries obviously don’t have unlimited resources, so often, one library will have a book the other doesn’t. So perfect, I can borrow from this, not this one, or whatever. I just wanted to explain that for those who might be asking why two libraries?

[Walking up, the front of Mount Vernon library sliding door. Red cart with books on it, panning to show rows of shelves. Rogan in their room again.]

That’s the two libraries I go to! I didn’t show you the whole thing, just because I don’t want to be bothering other people. So um, I went to pick up two books, one at each. I was planning to get a couple other books. I came home with… Four from each library. Yeah. All of them have a two-week limit. So… We’ll see how much I read. I probably will renew a couple, but we’ll see what happens. I’m going to go ahead and end the vlog here, and edit, upload, all of that fun stuff. Thanks for watching today’s vlog, see you tomorrow.

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