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#notspon but that’d be great!

[opens with Rogan’s logo, then cuts to Rogan in their room.]

Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome to my next vlog. Yesterday, I didn’t really do anything, except for filming yesterday’s video. So I don’t have anything for the vlog… Yet. I’m currently working.

I recently watched Hannah Witton’s video about her organization, productivity, what she uses, apps she uses for productivity and her work and whatever. She mentioned an app called Todoist. I thought, that looks interesting, I went ahead and downloaded it just now, on my phone and you can login on a laptop too, which is nice. I’ve been playing with it, setting up to do lists, projects, and whatever, because I’ve been using the Apple Notes checklist. It’s not…the best. For me, it’s not the best because I’ll make it then leave it, because I look at other notes, so… I’m trying that to see if Todoist helps me actually do things. Because with Todoist, you can set due dates, you can schedule, you can link it with your Google calendar, and so on. It’s interesting. We’ll see how that goes!

Later today, in the afternoon, whatever, I will meet up with friends at a brewery, so I may film a little bit of that. We’ll see what happens. I hope there’s more to this vlog than just me talking away.

[Driving down a road, the sky is cloudy and very dark gray. Rogan standing outside, an open field and a couple RVs behind him.]

One extra thing! I’m actually at storage right now, moving things, because I’m helping my parents hopefully move soon. That’s one other thing I’m doing today.

[Rogan inside a parked truck.]

We timed that pretty well. It started to rain hard. We were on the way, and we saw the gray, really, really dark, that you saw. We were nervous, we arrived and it was a little bit of rain. As we were putting things in, it rained harder, we moved faster. Whew! Okay. Yeah, guess we’re not doing more today.

[Rain streaking down the windshield, pans to the passenger window with rain hitting it and running down. Moving down a row of storage units with the windshield wipers moving rapidly, it’s raining harder. No rain, but dots of water on the window, the sky is still cloudy but much brighter than before and some orange coloring is visible on the clouds. A sign stand with the logo of Skookum Brewery, zoom out and pans over a few vehicles to show a large building. Indoors of what looks like a warehouse, panning starts with a bison head on the wall, moving to the left showing rows of barrels stacked, large brewery vats, various tables with people here and there, the bar counter. Slow pan of a flight of five beers, one medium and four very dark. Low pan around a table with people sitting around it, beers at various levels of being drunk. A fluffy poodle’s head in Rogan’s lap, his hand pets the dog’s head and plays with it. Outro is at night on the road, lit by headlights.]

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