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[Video starts with Rogan pouring a liquid from a small jar into a large growler, they close the cap, sealing it. Rogan’s intro logo. Rogan in his kitchen.]

Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome. I will be editing this out of order, I think. Anyway, whatever, it’s… I was planning on catching up on Vlogmas today, but… This probably will go up tomorrow…I don’t know what day it is anymore. Plans went wrong. Which is fine, I’m not really on schedule anyway. *sighs* I don’t know where this will be. I. Just. Enjoy!

[Two pictures above. Rogan sitting on the couch.]

Editing Rogan here. I wanted to add a few things. The ginger beer you saw at the beginning, was me adding more ginger syrup for promoting more flavor and encouraging the yeast to feed and grow, because it wasn’t really bubbly yet. Then the cans you saw, it turned out really good. Very strong on the ginger, chef’s kiss. I have one, I haven’t given it to my parents to try yet. I’m hoping to do that tonight, because it is perishable, so we need to drink it soon. 10/10 would do again, though this time, I would want to take more of the work, because the other person did most of the work last time. So…

[Going down a straight road. Several clips of storefronts lit up with Christmas string lights, some have trees, it’s very festive and small-town. Rogan on the couch again.]

What you just saw is La Conner. I was there only because I was dropping off a package for my mom. I decided to drive through downtown, I just love that town. It’s a cute little art town. That main street, most of the places on that street are art stores, different kinds of art. I really just love that town. I don’t go as often as I’d like. I may go again… Sometime soon, I don’t know. Probably not during Vlogmas though, because Vlogmas is almost over.

[Rogan sitting in their parked car.]

I’m about to go to the store, because I need to find something for White Elephant this Saturday, friends are getting together and doing White Elephant. My mom got something for her work’s White Elephant, and I thought that I wouldn’t mind getting the same thing for mine. I’m going to see if they still have it. If not, I’ll go to Bargains Galore, a local thrift store. So, we’ll see what happens. Even if I do find what I plan to get, or go to Bargains Galore, or whatever, I probably won’t show you because I don’t want to ruin the surprise for people in the group. I will maybe show you on Saturday, or take a picture and show you later. So, let’s go.

[Timelapse of Rogan driving. Rogan in his room.]

I’m back home. My plan didn’t work. So… I guess I can tell you what it was. I will show you a picture if I can find something similar. Yeah, it was a gnome with a golden hat. The hat can come off, and there’s a candle inside. I was planning to get that and put caramels inside, but… Okay, that’s not happening. That’s fine. I found something else. Obviously I can’t tell you what that is. But I will show you later.

I’m going ahead and end here. I know this is more random than usual, but I hope you still enjoyed it anyway. And… Thanks for watching, see you tomorrow. Or later today!

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