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Hello, future Rogan here. I’m actually a little bit behind on Vlogmas, I’m catching up right now. So today is Vlogmas day 22. I had a White Elephant party yesterday on the 21st. “Yesterday.” I brought a huge wine glass. Really, it can hold a whole bottle of champagne, that’s what it says on the box. But I also brought a nice set of four things for wine, like a wine opener, things like that. A spout, etc. Then mine, what I ended up going home with was a mug with a simple outline of a French bulldog. It was originally going to be hand soap, four bars. I don’t use hand soap. The bars, I almost never use. My family doesn’t use them, so I gave them to someone who would actually use them, and traded for that mug.

Also, one person there is originally from Belgium. So, they went recently, visiting family for the holidays. They brought back chocolate for me. Because they know I’ve visited Belgium, and my grandpa lived there for a while, so they thought of me and brought chocolate. That was really nice, thank you.

And the next thing, which will be the rest of this vlog, is me making granola, homemade granola. I do this from time to time, for both my family, and our Airbnb guests. That’s really delicious. So I will just show you the process of making that. Enjoy!

[Rest of the video is Rogan measuring out ingredients, mixing them, putting it in the oven, the final result.]

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