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[Video opens with a panning shot going around a lit up Christmas tree, ending with a metal star on the top. Cuts to Rogan in their room.]

Hello and welcome to Vlogmas day 24. Merry Christmas Eve! Hopefully, you will see this on Christmas Eve. *shrugs* Today’s a little bit random. What I will show you next is something I made… Well, started at a CODA fundraiser, and actually finished it two days ago.

[ID: A square piece of wood with many nails hammered into it, strings tied around each nail, overlapping and creating many triangles. It all comes together to create a picture of a setting sun over water and a shoreline.]

That was just for fun, I made that design based on the grain of the wood, which you can’t really see, because it’s covered up by the string, but… Yeah. I don’t know where I will put that, I have no idea. I just made it for fun. I’ll figure it out, it’s fine. The rest of this vlog is really random stuff. I went to Edmonds to see a movie, Rise of Skywalker.

[Slow panning shot of a mountain range and the setting sun making the clouds turn orange and slightly pink.]

I really enjoyed it. I can understand why people really criticized it, but I personally enjoyed it. I think that if you like Star Wars, you’ll enjoy this. And then I went to drop off someone at the airport.

[On the road, trees whizzing by, suddenly revealed are clouds glowing with the setting sun, it’s clear it’s golden hour and there are some rays.]

After dropping them at the airport, I went to Capitol Hill for a little bit of shopping.

[Two large and colorful murals, one with several large eyes and one with insects and a couple of leaves. Looking up at the sky through bare tree branches, slowly moving down to look at the sidewalk and showing more of the stunning sunset. The sign of Elliott Bay Book Company, quickly panning down to some stairs and walking through a door, book shelves and people everywhere.]

Of course, I was shopping for books! Though these were for Christmas presents, not for myself. Even though they are books I would read myself. Anyway. That’s what I have for this vlog. I hope you enjoyed watching this, and… Merry Christmas. I don’t know if I will make a video for tomorrow. I probably will for wrapping up Vlogmas, but I may schedule that. We’ll see what happens. Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow, maybe.

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