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Hello and welcome to Vlogmas day 23. Today I will tell you my top 10 queer books of 2019. As of filming this, I’ve finished 122 books this year, and 52 of those are queer. I narrowed it down to 10. I originally thought about doing five, but narrowing down to ten was hard enough. Two were published in 2018, the rest were published in 2019. I will tell you them in order of publication, because it’s not fair to rank these wonderful books. I’ll tell you three things: the title, the month it was published, and one sentence of what the book’s about.

The Prince and the Dressmaker, published February 2018. I’ve read this 3 times. A prince that secretly goes out at night as Lady Crystallia and dazzles the town with her fashion.

The Disasters, published December 2018. Space academy dropouts are blamed for the biggest crime in space history, and they have to save the universe while on the run.

Bloom, published January. Two boys meet at a bakery – one wants to leave, one loves to bake – and slowly fall in love.

Red, White, & Royal Blue, published May. America’s First Son causes an international incident with the Prince of Wales, and they have to pretend to be friends, but it turns into something deeper.

I Wish You All the Best, published in May, and on the same day as Red, White, & Royal Blue. A non-binary teen gets kicked out of their home, goes to live with their estranged sister, deals with transferring to a new school, and meeting a charismatic boy.

Gender Queer, published May. A graphic memoir about eir journey of grappling with gender, sexuality, how to explain that to others, bonding with those who understand.

Cantoras, published September. Five women who carve out their own refuge from a brutal dictatorship, growing together as lovers, friends, and family.

Sorted, published September. Trans YouTuber and queer advocate, he talks about his journey of sorting things out during his childhood and awkward adolescence until finally coming out as a trans man in his mid-twenties.

Full Disclosure, published October. A HIV positive teen just transferred to a new school, becomes the student director of Rent, and struggles to keep her status a secret while falling for a cute boy.

In the Dream House, published November. Using a series of narrative tropes including some classic horror tropes, Machado tells the story of her past experience in an abusive queer relationship with candidness, inventiveness, and wit.

That’s my top ten queer books of 2019. Let me know if you want to read any of these, and if you have read any of them, tell me what you think of them in the comments. Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow.

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