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Hello! I’m Rogan and welcome back. I know. It’s been a time. I will explain a little more later, but right now, I need to go do errands, and drive to (stumbles in spelling) Marysville to meet someone for giving them their macarons. So. You’re coming with me.

[Montage of grabbing keys, driving, dropping off boxes at the post office, highway, green-lined roads, flopping back on a bed.]

I hope you enjoyed that little trip out. I know I haven’t posted anything for almost a month. It’s been a time. I decided I needed a break for several reasons. First, June was Pride month, and I posted a lot. And there was a lot going on in that month. So I just needed to breathe a little bit (in regard to doing YouTube).

Another reason why I took a break from making videos for a while is because it’s my birthday month. So I just wanted to enjoy myself, relax a little bit. My birthday already happened, I’m 27 now. It’s a little bit weird having a birthday during a pandemic, because… You know, you can’t really get together to celebrate. I’m one of those people who don’t really make a big deal out of their birthday. My family doesn’t really… We do care yes, but it’s not like we have to get together and celebrate big, have piles of food. That’s not me. So this year, I actually kind of forgot about my birthday until like, a week before. And I was like, oh, right, my birthday is soon. Eh. I ended up not really doing anything except for going to get food from a place with my parents, and that’s it really.

I also had a couple of other things that took up a lot of my time that aren’t really visible to the internet.

One of that is I made a lot of macarons recently. It’s a lot. I think almost three…weeks. About three weeks straight of making macarons. I used so many eggs. Oh my god. I’m really thankful for the Costco bulk eggs. That really helped me! But yeah, I was making a bunch and shipping them to friends and family that were buying them. So, thank you! It’s kind of a side thing, because I can’t work right now so this is a good way to make a little bit of money. But also, I got so many responses that I decided that I would donate part of that to The Okra Project. The Okra Project is an organization that connects Black trans people that may not have full access to resources with Black trans chefs that go to their homes to (cook) them homemade meals. That’s a really great project. I’ve donated to them in the past, so I thought, why not again? I’m making food, selling it, that money going to support more food.

While all of that was going on, I was also doing the online portion for an interpreting program I’m in. It’s called the DeafBlind Interpreting Institute. I have two portions, one online and one in-person. Obviously, the in-person is not happening now, because you know, pandemic. The online portion is still going forward. We’re…about halfway done with the weekly classes, I believe now. Yes, halfway. So that takes time. I’m enjoying it! It’s been a great experience, I’m really liking it. My cohort, really great people in my cohort. I’m really excited for when we can be together in person. Because that’s the challenge. DeafBlind interpreting requires touch. And discussing through videos, through typing… It doesn’t really work. It’s an interesting challenge, but I’m really enjoying it. A lot of great discussions in that cohort so far. So I’m really excited for this program.

This video is more of just saying hi, yes. I’m still around. I’m…I plan–hope to get back into making videos regularly. Well, more often than once a month. From here on, I don’t really have any plans for what I want to do. No timeline, really. So if you have any ideas, thoughts, whatever… That you want to see me make a video about, I can see what I can make happen. And yeah, I think that’s it for today. Thanks for watching. Like, subscribe, comment…Whatever. Bye!

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