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Note: Below is a transcript of the video along with descriptions of some clips, since it heavily depends on visuals and is somewhat in the style of a vlog.

[Rogan standing in their room, talking to the camera.]

Hello! I’m Rogan and welcome to Vlogmas day nine. Today’s video is a pilot. I actually filmed all of that in September, around Labor Day Weekend. So…a while ago. I finally edited it, and I decided to upload it for Patrons first. So they could see it and say if they liked it. Then I’d upload it for the public.

I was making and cooking stuff with a friend and we were joking around. I was looking at the recipe for cooking. I decided to make it up and change some things. My friend was joking and said that I should do a series called Rogue Cooking with Rogan, or something like that. I thought that was a good idea, and didn’t mind doing it.

I will go ahead and call this series Rogue with Rogan. Why? That means I can do it with cooking, baking, art, crafts, a variety of things. Like maybe something that has instructions, I read it, and maybe go rogue, not following them. Let me know what you think. Maybe some ideas for future Rogue with Rogan videos. You will see me signing Rogue Recipes with Rogan, that’s because I hadn’t thought of keeping it more broad. So ignore that part! Enjoy.

[Rogan standing in the kitchen, holding the camera and talking to it.]

Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome to Rogue Recipes with Rogan. Today, I will be making applesauce in an Instant Pot. And I will link the recipe here. You can follow along if you want, or just watch me go rogue. Okay, so… The recipe I’m using is one I’ve used before to make applesauce. The recipe is from Tastes Better From Scratch. It’s a really good recipe. But… I’ve never once actually followed this recipe. It’s really easy. Just a cup of water, lemon juice, and cinnamon. Chop up everything, get rid of the cores obviously. Pits, obviously. Throw in, leave for eight minutes, I think. [Checking the recipe.] Yep, eight minutes on high pressure, and that’s it. Really easy, fantastic, and it turns out delicious.

[Looking out of a window, Rogan pointing at two large five-gallon buckets filled with plums. A metal bowl filled with small purple plums, water running over them, shaking the bowl. Rogan’s set down the camera on the counter and starts talking again.]

Okay. So I’ve gotten all my fruit that I will be using in this. So I am definitely not following this recipe at all, because it says to use large apples. [Holds up an apple.] These aren’t large. And it uses only two kinds of apples. I am using… Two different kinds of apples, these are Chelan apples. [Holding up two red-yellow apples, one at a time, while talking at the same time.] They’re fine, but they’ve kind of…gone to the point where they may not be that good to eat directly, but they’re still good to eat. You know what I mean? And then I have these. [Holds up two other redder apples.] They’re from my apple trees. I don’t actually know what they’re called. They’re Washington apples. This one is fine, but this other one is so ripe it burst. [Holds apple close to camera, a crack is visible around the whole girth of the apple.] So… yeah, this needs to be used soon. I’m just going ahead and putting this in the apple sauce. Then we have this plum. [Holds up a large plum so dark it’s almost black.] Which is not what you saw, these. [Tapping the metal bowl from earlier.] It’s too soft to eat. WAY too soft. But it’s still good to have, so I’m cutting it and putting it in the applesauce, sure. Then we have… [Tilting the metal bowl to show plums inside, a couple fall out.] Italian plums, that I got from my friend’s place. So these, I got a whole bunch. He has like four Italian plum trees at his place, so I got a whole lot. I’m going to use all of this. Cut it up, put them in the pot, and cook!

Actually, I’m going to mix the liquid first. So one cup of water, and…tablespoon of lemon. [Opens the refrigerator door then looks back.] Or lime? [Comes back with a bottle of lime juice.] I know the recipe says to use lemon, but… I think why not lime, because plums are usually pretty sweet, so this may go well with it. Why not? It says tablespoon, but… [Pours directly from the bottle, pauses, pours some more.] That’s more than a tablespoon, but it’s fine. [Cuts to Rogan walking back with a filled measuring cup.] Cup of water. And then… Cinnamon. [Walking back with a bottle of cinnamon.] Half a teaspoon. [Makes a “come on” face at the camera. Opens the top and pours some cinnamon in.] That’s definitely more than half a teaspoon, but… This is apple/plum sauce. Who doesn’t love cinnamon in this? And honestly, you can always add more or whatever to taste. So if you’re not sure, go ahead and put less. After baking–baking? Cooking, if you’re not happy with the taste, you can add more. I always love cinnamon, so I’m just liberally putting it in. Now I’m just put this aside to wait. Cut up everything, and cook.

[Camera shifts focus to the counter and a cutting board, timelapse of cutting the various fruits. Cuts back to Rogan.]

I had to pause cutting for a little, because… Well, I was going a little too quick and cut myself. [Shows bandaid on thumb.] Well. It’s not really cooking if you don’t hurt yourself, right? Right?

[Shift back to a timelapse again. Cutting is finished and Rogan starts stirring with a spoon. It suddenly slows to normal speed, he reaches in to pick something out. They move the bowl and lean into the camera.]

Make sure you get all of the stickers!

[Rogan tries to pull the sticker off with their fingers, pulls only part of it. Gives the camera an exasperated look, picks up the knife and cuts it off the apple, tosses it back into the bowl. Cuts to a close up of in the bowl, all the mixed fruits together. They pick up the bowl and carry it over to the InstantPot, putting it in. Rogan twists the lid on, closing the vent on the back, plugs it in, pauses to pet a loaf of bread, then sets the InstantPot on manual, adjusts to eight minutes, and gives a thumbs up. Cut to Rogan standing and talking.]

Now we just wait. And what you saw earlier… [Pointing at the loaf that was petted earlier.] That is plum bread I made yesterday. So good! So good. We went a little rogue on that recipe too. It had, it said we needed to use brown sugar. We had no brown sugar, so we just used regular sugar. I will check in again when this is done.

Finished! [Shows the InstantPot, the time shows L0:00.] Now…do this. [Reaches behind to carefully open the vent and release pressure.] Leave until it’s finished. I will take the scooper and mash up it a little. Put it in a bowl, fridge–no. Let it cool first. Let it cool first! Then put it in the fridge. All good to go.

[Looking inside the pot, the fruit has turned into a bright red/purple color and has softened. Rogan mashes it with the mixing spoon.]

Okay. That didn’t really work…the way I expected. A little too much liquid in it. So… [Looks inside the pot again, stirring it a little.] I may strain out the juice, put that aside. So I can have actual sauce. But keep that juice! Keep that for drinking, or… I don’t know. I’ll find out. That is what happens when you go rogue. Things don’t go quite as you expect. Still, I enjoyed this. I’m looking forward to tasting this. And I’ll see you next time. [End.]

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