Sign Names | ASL Ponderings + Deaf Awareness Month

Video: So… I’m finally getting around to Deaf Awareness Month videos. Oops! Hello and welcome to a crash course in sign names. This is an ASL Ponderings slash Deaf Awareness Month video. I’m going to start with the basics: what is a sign name? In the signing community, sign names are a way to identify whoContinue reading “Sign Names | ASL Ponderings + Deaf Awareness Month”

Disability Misconceptions Tag

Video: No more Q&A videos for a while! Hello and welcome. I was tagged to do the Disability Misconceptions Tag by Rikki Poynter so that’s what I’m doing today. I will link Rikki’s video here, and the original tag which was done by Nicola here. There are just five questions, so this probably will beContinue reading “Disability Misconceptions Tag”

ADA and HR 620 | Deaf Awareness Month

Video: Hello and welcome. Today I want to discuss a bill that Congress is trying to get through right now, HR 620. I’m not going to go into great detail about this, since Annie Elainey made a video explaining it a bit more in depth. But basically, this bill wants to roll back protections affordedContinue reading “ADA and HR 620 | Deaf Awareness Month”

deaf vs Deaf | Deaf Awareness Month

Video: Hello and welcome to another Deaf Awareness Month post! In my previous post/video, I briefly mentioned big D Deaf and small d deaf. Today I’m going more in-depth about that. The simplest explanation of the difference is this: Big D = culturally Deaf Small d = medically deaf   In the community, Deaf isContinue reading “deaf vs Deaf | Deaf Awareness Month”

Disability and Queerness | Deaf Awareness Month

Video: Welcome to the first post of Deaf Awareness Month! I’m starting off big – combining disability and queerness. I want to be clear here that when I say disability, I’m including physical, emotional, and educational disabilities. Basically, any kind of disability – and yes, I’m including deaf people in this. For those who aren’tContinue reading “Disability and Queerness | Deaf Awareness Month”